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Fleas? Pls help

So I recently had a run-in with fleas. This past Monday, the exterminator came and sprayed some stuff that was in an aerosol can and my grandmother described it as "seeing the carpets have a fog rise up from them," so I guess what he sprayed was serious stuff. I kept getting bit the next night after but we didn't see any fleas and I even took measures as vacuuming the entire house, skirting boards, washing my sheets 3 or 4 times now, and all of that. What makes it worse is that I have anxiety so I think these fleas could bite me and give me some disease or the bites could get infected, even though I do not itch them at all. I'm supposed to get the house sprayed tomorrow again, the second time in a row, so...don't know what's gonna happen


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There might be some good flea resources online. Maybe at least reading about it would help to reassure you.

Ok, maybe not very helpful, but I hope this all works out
Update: What I’ve seen as a pattern developing is that I typically get bit at night, so I grabbed a pair of my grandfather’s white socks, pulled them over my pajama pants, and fell asleep like that. I woke up a few minutes ago and so far, I haven’t felt any flea bites on my neck nor seen any new ones on my arms! :D I’m hoping that’s a good sign. I plan on going back to sleep, so hopefully I won’t have any new bites by the time I wake up again. :)
Update #2: So pest control came and the guy was okay. My grandmother was the main problem, however. My two little brothers and my Pa (grandfather) came home from camping and my younger brother's skin was burnt, I'm talking bright red. I bought them sunscreen so my Pa could apply on it them on a consistent basis and it looked like it, obviously, wasn't done. My other brother looked fine. So, since my grandma didn't wanna deal with having the kids put on their shoes and leaving the actual house, she tried to tell the guy that she didn't want him to spray her bedroom that the kids were in. I interjected and said bullshit that it was gonna happen. We are both angry and she makes me look like a complete idiot in front of him by having me hold a bunch of shit in one arm with all of it falling out and trying to adjust something with the other. On top of that, before I leave, I saw my brothers sitting on the same swing out on the porch that the flea-bitten cats sit on. So, I don't know what to even say anymore. I'm feeling mad beyond anything right now. I will say that the pest control told me that the spray to keep the fleas out lasts for 6 months and then the spray for another thing lasts for one month. I predict that I will be calling another time in the possible near future due to my family's ignorance and unplanned actions.

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