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I feel like this about tele as well. Sometimes I can spend over an hour just moving up and down the remote control and not really watching anything. I don't understand ? why I would want to put myself into this kind of non sensory coma. If I am writing, I welcome it, its like a kind of meditation and it helps me relax. I am inteligent, in fact there is much potential to be very inteligent, but I sit there watching a kind of sensational haze. Perhaps we do it just to connect with humans irrespective of the subject matter.
I also feel like this about Christmas. All the hype it makes me quite sad. I think I would prefer a carol service. Sometimes I do get caught up in the Christmas movies though. The message of christmas has gone. Its just high cathedral choir on Christmas day!. The highness and joy of feeling can sometimes highlight uncomfortable feelings within us. xxx
That and not meaning much to anybody. I have this dillemma where I do not mean much to my husband or my son but could be of invaluable service to my brother , even if he bitches about me behind my back. I spent my whole life giving my power to everybody else. They became impotent and rejected the power, I dont know how to proceed forward apart from death, sorry I shouldnt say that. I don't think i'm inspired enough to be creative on my own I need something else around me and most people say drop dead.

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