Hi all,

Well its been a while since I last posted. Hope everyone is ok.

Just wondering if anyone has had experience of Fluoetine. The Docs put me on it since although Citiplam helped to reduce anxiety I've still been depressed. Unfortunately the anxiety has increased again due to work and worries about finding a home..


i've been on fluexetine for 6 months..
something inparticular you wanted to know?
it has helped me..butit did take a long time..you just have to be patient
pm me if theres anything else you wanted to know


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my experience was that, when i first went on it the anxiety worsened (just during the first couple of weeks...one of the few side effects) but after a month or so it really began to help with the anxiety. my depression actually worsened however, but prozac and the other SSRI's are actually known to and often used to help with anxiety.

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My question about Fluoxetine is does it make anxiety worse? Since I've been on it I feel stress far more.

Thanks again

i have been taking fluoxetine for a few months. it has make my anxiety worse. for a few months before i was taking propanol (anti-anxiety med). the propanol helped alot with my anxitey, even within the first few days with no noticable side effects. the floxetine seemed to undo all the help that the propanol did, oddly my depression seemed to get worse as well. other sideaffects i got were tirdness and i slight inability to focus. i was also self-harming more often. thats my experence. meds can affect everyone diffrently.


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Fluoxetine (Prozac) works quite well for me, I've been taking it for three years and I haven't had any major side effects.

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