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I came off mine voluntarily, before I'd even been on them a month. My mood had improved slightly, however... it kinda triggered Multiple Personalities...
So yeah, I kinda thought best to come off them. Hopefully you'll be fine though


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i was on these for a couple of years. I found that they started to work a little after 2 weeks of taking 20mg (supposed to take at night) per day. For the first week or 2 i did have some mild side effects like dry mouth (only slightly) mild stomache upset (very mild) which tapered off very quickly and the main one that stayed was restless legs. It didnt bother me and i didnt notice but apparently my husband noticed. Also i noticed about 3 or 4 weeks in my appetite reduced by about a quarter which i was pleased about lol. After about 6 months my depression returned and my dose was upped to 40mg (still at night) at this dose i did not experience any further side effects at all except for the origional restless legs which had not gone away. I stayed on 40mg for some months until again my depression returned and i was upped to 60mg per day. I did not experience any side effects at this dose either. I stayed at 60 mg for maybe a year or so before my depression returned again and my doctor changed to an older ssri. I am pretty sure that my depression returned because of tolerance to the medication. My doctor has agreed there is actually a known effect called "prozac burnout" where the tablets stop working altogether after around 3 years. This is unfortunate as they are an extremely effective medication. I did experience some de realisation (dreamlike feelings) at the 60mg dosage as if i wasnt quite real but i can not be sure this was the tablets as it is also a symptom of depression itself. This may be more detail than you were asking for but i hope it helps :)


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really ?? lol i never heard that .....this was more of a tapping foot but they still called it restless legs ....as for diy ...i couldnt really be bothered XD i guess i wont forget that advice in a hurry:lol!:


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Thanks for the replies and information. I will actually start taking them tomorrow. I will see and monitor how it goes with the medication.

Thanks again.
I'm going back on it soon - I've found that it doesn't so much improve my mood, as stabilise it and make it easier for me to get things done.


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Sorry for the double post but I have a question. I have started today to take fluoxetine but it says take three daily. Each of the tablets are 20mg but I am told to take 60mg in total. What it doesn't say though is if you should take them all at once or 1 each through out the day (morning, noon and night)

Does anyone have any ideas from past experience of what to do.

You take them all togther. Thats what i did, and what a few i know who took them did.
Best to do is ask next time yoru there, but it wont damage you to take them togther untill then.

I came off mine volentairily, becuase i felt i made myself better not the meds, or the doctors.
While i was on them, on their own, they didnt really help me much, obviously as the meds didnt make me better, you wouldnt expect that. but i have heard good things about Fluoxetine, its also a brand name of prozac just so you know.

If you need any more help let me/us know, i dont mind talking to you about them :)


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Best solution is to call the pharmacy. It seems strange to me that you'd be taking 3 all at once... Wouldn't it make more sense to just have a 60 mg pill?..


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Thanks for the replies. I'm still not sure, so I will go over to the pharmacy and see what they say.

Thanks to all who have helped. I greatly appreciate it.
Fluoxetine only come in 20mg tabs. and are given generally in doses in multiples of 20, up to the max dose.
As i said, i wasnt told to take them seperately and i was on them for nearly 2 years.
I was also on 60mg btw.


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"The recommended adult dose of fluoxetine ranges from 20 mg to 60 mg taken once daily in the morning, with or without food."

However, dizziness and drowsiness are possible side effects. If you get them, it's better to take them in the evening.
once daily in the morning
Do as it says, and go for morning, if you ahve any adverse side effect change accordingly.
Fluoxetine isnt a slow release, its one for use to get you through the day, as you dont need anti depressants while asleep. so taking at night is slightly redundant.

(sorry aoeu)


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Not sure why you're apologizing, since we both said the same thing...

(But it's not an acute drug, it does not begin acting immediately and it does not wear off within 24 hours. It takes 6-8 hours to fully enter the bloodstream and the half-life ranges between 1-3 days (when you first start taking it) to 4-6 days (chronic use). This means that taking it at night yields at least 50% of the dose over the next day; since the uptake takes a while it probably means that the time averaged dose while awake is very similar whether you're taking it in the morning or at night.)

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