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  1. man

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    I'm so sick and fucking tired of no one caring no one gives a fuck about anyone else. Everyone in my life is so fucking absorbed in revenge and loving themself, I'm so sick and tired of this world today. Its so fucking hard to find something worth my death. I wish I could just get it over with and take a bullet for a child or burn up in a building or some shit but every day it seems like more and more people are just loseing their shit and fucking killing so people will care. I wish people loved others. Instead we all just love ourselves. Fuck every time I see the ocean I think about swiming, just swiming away, just fucking swim till I die so no one can have my body maybe my family would wake the fuck up thean, probably not seeing how easily my brother was forgoten. I just want to die for a reason because I'm so tired of not having a reason to live.
  2. Sadeyes

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    Hi Man...wish I had something enlightening to say, but just wanted to let you know that I 'hear' you and that we are here to support and care for each other...big hugs, J
  3. man

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    thanks for reply. I feel ok today lots of things were geting to me the other day. Good luck to us all
  4. Lady Byron

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    it's nice to see that someone finally agrees with me :biggrin:/:sad:. it's so sad how this world is turning out. i try not to be selfish, but sometimes its like no one wants to listen to me and i just lose it. umm. . . i think good luck would sound kind of weird here but i'm gonna use it anyway :laugh:. i think i'm feeling kind of bipolar today. happy and pissed in a span of ten minutes. uh oh. but i'm feeling you on the swimming away. during the summer (of '07) we went to California and i wanted to do that too. just swim until you're so far out you can't see anything but water, water, and more water and just hope that you get eaten by something or drown fast. yup.
  5. soliloquise

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    the world is shit yes, people are totally shit but every now and then you find a jewel in the shit