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Flying to the other side of the world, ALONE

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Hoasis, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. Hoasis

    Hoasis Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, just need some positive encouragement here. I oredered a trip to USA a few months back when I was feeling MUCH better. Now my anxiety is SKY high, I am nervous, suicide thoughts etc...but anyway since I will try to make this trip, sitting alone in a hotel room on the other side of the planet..depressed. Maybe you guys can help me through it. If it tourns out to be positive hopefully it can help others too..no guts no glory right? Just want this trip to be allright
  2. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Good luck with the trip. :hug: I hope it turns out OK. We'll be here to support you no matter where you are.
  3. Long2beFree

    Long2beFree Member

    have alot of fun on youre vacation i wouldnt know what to do first ^^

    quite sure you will have a great time if you believe this time you wont be frightend
    go and let loose there:yay:
  4. Hoasis

    Hoasis Well-Known Member

    thanks guys...I will try my best, along with my friend mr alcohol:yay:
  5. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    I sometimes head off to Holland alone - I'm English so its not far but still another country!

    I actually like going alone - its nice with friends but not a place I'd bring a woman - I mean she might want to do tourist things! I've done all that - and now its like a little place to take my dark side on tour.

    Things is - in the USA - you want to actually see things! There is a lot to see so make sure EVERY day is filled up with events and places to go.

    Steer clear of certain areas - parts are not safe for sure. Gangbangers - avoid. But generally speaking I think you will know what is cool and what is not.

    Sure - a nice drink is relaxing - but leave it till the evening after a nice meal! The Americans have big portions -- I think a burger is a dollar - cheaper than a decent sized orange.

    Good luck with your travel. Travel does broaden the mind and when you get back to your nation you'll differ from many in that you have been outside of it!


    And talk to someone before you go - if nothing else you got us here.

    Don't go if your really bad obviously. Me? I'd likely just go because a change of scene helps a lot. Depends were you live - if its a small town and things are 'the same' all the time - go for it. Get medical insurance obviously - I mean, you like a drink right? Easy to break a leg my man - so do not end up in the USA without health cover!

    They are ruthless over there - sick enough to ask for cash when you have a leg broken and so on.

    Good luck again!

    Hope you feel a bit better before you go - keep busy and maybe save up so you can buy some clothes there. I always get some sent back - some decent stuff that costs a lot in Europe is pretty cheap! So do not bring over a load of clothes with you - buy some there!
  6. NiceGuYKC

    NiceGuYKC Well-Known Member

    Oh god, I'd love to go to New York just for the hotdogs.
    Enjoy yourself, or give me the tickets "hint hint nudge nudge".
  7. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    What part of the states are you going to??PLG has a point that some areas aren't safe.. You want to mind your where abouts all the time.. Keep your wallet in your front pocket..I'm not trying to scare you just giving yoou a few tips..Have a safe trip.. If you need any info just PM me..
  8. foolnomore

    foolnomore Well-Known Member

    It might be a scarey prospect but they speak the same language ,so talking to people will not be a problem.
    If you have never been before I am sure you will find plenty to do and see. If you are lonely in your room ring room service -at least if someone brings you a sandwich you will know you are not entirely alone in the world.:rolleyes:
  9. Hoasis

    Hoasis Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot for the tips, will maybe buy some clothes if I got the nerves for it! Would love to go with someone if I actually could...but once a loner always a loner. Actually thought about going to Holland myself, to see what its like..maybe you can give me some tips later:)

    I am going to Arizona and Grand Canyon to hike. I Hope it will be good with some new scenery...but glad I got you guys here!
  10. robin66

    robin66 Member

    Hi Hoasis, I know you've been wanting to visit the US. Congrats on your trip. I hope you can try to be positive and enjoy it and not be nervous and worried (I understand that, especially so far from home). I'm happy for you. Have fun and good luck! Your friend, Robin
  11. foolnomore

    foolnomore Well-Known Member

    That is the sort of america i would like to visit,most people I know go to the cities but they hold no interest for me. But hiking that is different ,I am sure once you get there you will love it . If you are hiking you will be tired at night so perhaps to sleepy to feel lonely and when you are walking there will be so many wonderful sights you will not have time to feel down or anxious or anything. Have a wonderful time,and we will always be around if you need a chat.You can tell us of your fabulous day and make us all jealous ;-)
  12. Hoasis

    Hoasis Well-Known Member

    Ok so I am here, alone, nervous and depressed. Not much of a vacation I gotta say. Had my first ever panick attack today too. This guy started talking to me inside a shop, and as we went outside, I gotmore and more anxiety and suddenly passed out and faceplanted...its so horible. I cant even talk to people! But I gotta sta for another 2 weeks...well just typing a little bit here t try to get somesupport for my loneliness...thanks for all support I can get
  13. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    I'm a little late posting in this thread, but here goes: :)

    I think it's best that I echo what a few others have said. It's like the "Best of the Best" on ESPN in the USA on television. They've said some pretty neat stuff.

    1) Stay safe

    2) broaden your horizons

    3) we're here to talk to you if you're feeling lonely (here, PM, elsewhere depending on the person)

    Plus, 4) your health is the most important; if it's more comfortable for you to stay in your hotel room or in less crowded areas where you don't do much sightseeing, maybe that's the better choice. Having anxiety levels ratchet up is not fun :sad:

    Now, I wave a magical wand that is full of hope! :IrishDoll:

    P.S. I'm from the United States, and I'd break a leg (not really) to go to Scandinavia! ;)
  14. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Your hiking so get your supplies and get some time alone in the GREAT outdoors - you got a tent?

    Or if your in hotels - a sleep will make you feel a lot better

    You must have jet lag right?

    Will check up in the morning and see how you are.

    Keep the faith - a panic attack is not the end of a holiday - you feel jaded as you just got there. Relax - have a couple of drinks later.

    Is your English good enough to converse?

    Hope things are better in 12 hours/24 hours when your body clock settles in to the new time zone!!

    Regards from England.
  15. oso_te_great

    oso_te_great Member

    The USA is a pretty awesome place. Unless you are in Baltimore or New Jersey, but other than that, I hope you have fun!
  16. Hoasis

    Hoasis Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys for the support, it is just such a terrible feeling to be here alone with axiety ad everthing. I could never imagine that it would be this haRD. But I will try a few more days and see how things goes...if itdoesnt go well I will just fly home again:sigh:
  17. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    Good luck with the rest of your trip! If it does gets shortened and you fly home early, I wouldn't be ashamed because then the trip wouldn't be fun if you had continued on in a foreign place longer than you wanted to! So you're in essence taking more pride in flying home early and spending time there instead. :)
  18. Hoasis

    Hoasis Well-Known Member

    yeah thanks alex! I will be extremely emberrassed since my familly dont know really how I am feeling and how should I explain this to them? But I must do what is the best for me anyway...ad try to explain the situation for them. But thanks again for your support alex...it means a lot to me right now!
  19. Hoasis

    Hoasis Well-Known Member

    This really made me feel better Alex! I feel like such a loser and pathetic person being here and just basically sitting in the hotel room. But what can I do, when I PASS OUT talking to otherpeople? Its crazy, never been like this before:sigh:
  20. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    I don't know what your family is like, but my best bet when I'm talking with my family in most (not all) circumstances is to just be honest with myself. Maybe that approach will suffice for you too, like you said above. :)

    Also, just wanted to mention that I've had rough patches where I've refused to go out to dinner, go out in public, etc. I understand what it's like to feel uncomfortable just walking into a grocery store with my parents and demanding to stay in the car. Even today, some places in public I'd REALLY prefer not to go to if I'm alone and without people I can lean on. Especially new surroundings.
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