FML (a rant)

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    I'm so tired of never getting asked to school dances, my school's semiformal dances have always been girl's choice, meaning the guys dont ask the girls, the girls ask the guys. I've never been asked in my three years at this school. I hate it. No one notices me, especially girls. I mean, I see other guys getting asked by girls, some of them (the girls) are really good-looking, too. I despise almost every one of them. What makes them so much better than me? I try so hard, but no girl looks at me in the same light as other guys. Sure, some girls talk to me, and a few of those are borderline friends, but they only do it because they feel bad for me. I don't want some charity bullshit, I want something legitimate! I mean honestly, how are the rest of the guys different? let's see, They're assholes to every girl they see, I'm not. I respect the girls and I'm nice. So why the fuck does no girl like me?! I hate this, I hate it so much.
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    Wow, deja vu here. This is kind of my high school story all over again. I really don't have any great advice. Being more social and getting to know more girls as friends helps but I went all four years through school alone. I was never asked out as well and never had the guts or really knew anyone well enough to ask anyone. It isn't a huge regret of my life not doing so but I still feel like my high school years weren't as enjoyable as they could have been.
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    and to add insult to injury, my friend just informed me he managed to get a popular, good looking girl to "study" with him for a chem test. I think we all know what really happened. It's like they are all mocking me, laughing at my lack of whatever it is that girls like. I don't even know what the fuck i'm lacking, and they are all laughing at me for it. Why me?
  4. Dude, it may not sound like a lot coming from an older guy (I'm 35), but hang in there. I was never to a dance, had a girlfriend, or anything in highschool. Hell, I didn't even walk the stage when I graduated. The girls I met in my early twenties, and the number of girls more than made up for it for me.

    I had Nodular acne on my chin, nose and back. I still have scars from it, but at least it's not as bad as it was in my teens. I looked like Freddy Kruegar in highschool and all the kids made sure I didn't forget how ugly I was. Long story short, after highschool I got some surgery to reduce the scars, cut off my mullet, started riding a streetbike and hanging around people that also rode bikes. Lots of girls came around, and way hotter and way nicer than the ones in Highschool.

    I know how you feel because I tried to take my own life at 15 and a few more times after that were unsuccessful. Those years will seam like an insignificant moment in the future and the good WILL out way those few bad experiences.

    Hang tough and don't worry about those dances, they're lame anyway.
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    Heh… I didn't go to the prom in my final year and that's one thing I still don't regret.

    I know it probably seems like the 'popular'/pretty kids have the greatest lives in the world right now, and in many ways the world never really stops giving them all the breaks, but in the end you'll be a lot happier if you stop thinking about them and try to find someone who thinks the same way that you do and has the same interests.

    Actually, in my third year of high school, I sort of started being less awkward and nerdy and had more style and new friends and everything… I'm not sure why, exactly… but for some reason people stopped being such dicks to me, and for some reason I didn't care about things so much-- I actually managed to get the best-looking girls in the whole school to invite me to have lunch with them in the cafeteria… I think it was because I ended up thinking up this bit where I just asked them what it was like to be so good-looking… and they really liked that for some reason, and they invited me over in front of everyone. But when I was sitting there, I quickly discovered that they were actually really boring… they were nice enough, but soooooo boring, and I just sort of sat there feeling awkward. In the end I was a lot happier and more comfortable hanging out with my geeky friends-- and eventually I met this girl who was almost exactly like me, and even though I totally blew it, I was a lot happier because I could actually talk to her about stuff. It made my final year of school much weirder but also a lot more fun! Of course, it wasn't all fun, but that's what sticks out… even if they did think I was cool for some brief amount of time, I could never have talked to people like that. Actually, there's a show called 'Freaks And Geeks' that has an episode like that… one of the main characters is always pining after this popular girl and then at the end they start dating…

    I've also met girls who I probably totally should have gone out with but back then I was too superficial or wrapped up in myself… so yeah, my older brother advice to you would be to just be yourself and try to find other people who are like-minded and can share the same interests. There are probably quite a few of them at your school, it's just that they don't stand out as much, or you think they're weird or something. But the weirdos are the best people… for real.
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    Yeah, I recently started coming out of my shell last year (sophomore year). but I want no part of the popular crowd. I only like a few of them because they are the only ones who are nice, and because of that I mainly hang out with them because they get all the girls. I figured it would give me a chance to meet some but all the girls i meet treat me like im fucking toxic waste because im kinda shy. I say something to them and they give me a look that says "shut the hell up you freak." And im one of the only people who are nice to them and respect them.
  7. Keep what I said in mind dude. These chicks are stepping stones for you and you're learning and coming up as we speak. Hang in there and try not to be effected by girls that are rude and stuck up. Easier said than done? Probably, but that doesn't make it impossible. Respect yourself. When someone is disrespectful toward you, do not make excuses for them. Do not think it's ok for any reason.

    I used to let people walk all over me when I was in high school. I thought I was ugly, a nerd, and it was "ok" in my mind because I thought I was on a lower standard than them. I was putting myself there by not respecting myself. If a girl is rude to you when you're being nice, she's lame and undeserving of your attention.

    Hang with your bros, keep your chin up, and try to maintain/increase your confidence. This will emanate from you and people will naturally pick up on your strength of mind. Girls like it, and stupid girls can take a hike.