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    So I think I have Staph or some kind of form of it.. but I can't decide if it's me being paranoid or what. I've pretty much turned into a hypochondriac.. and this has been on going since November. Over the past decade or so I've been noticing small bumps on various areas of my body.. and just pretty much ignored it all. I assumed they were zits. So I just went on with my life.

    I noticed that these bumps don't flare up as much when my blood sugar level is low.

    I've been doing a lot of research since Nov and I found out that Staph is very contagious.. and I've been wondering if I've infected my family.. but I don't see any bumps on them.

    I have cans of Lysol at my home.. and clorox wipes at work, my car.. and almost every room of my 2 story house. My sister think's I'm being paranoid .. but little does she know the real reason.

    I've been stressed out.. and this has triggered zit like bumps to form on my face. But they're not tiny either. They almost look like boils. And this hasn't happened before.

    During my research I found out boils forming on the skin is probably a sign of diabetes. Diabetes runs in my family.

    So this time.. I was getting what I thought was another boil.. and some sites that I've looked up said to put garlic on it and put a band aid on it. So I tried that last nite.. and it burned. The site said that it would burn.. but that's how it is. So I wake up this morning.. and take a look at what this garlic did to this boil.. and it looks like I burned my cheek with a curling iron. The boil did pop.. but now I got a bigger problem this area of my skin is sore and clear pus is coming out. I freaked out bad and I manage to clean this area of my face the best that I could. What the fuck did I do to my face? I think I made this issue worst and I should have left this boil alone and let it run its course.

    I have no idea what to do.. I have no idea what the fuck I did to my face. I think I need to go the ER.. but I don't have any medical insurance what so ever. Times have been hard this year.. and I haven't gotten paid in over a month. FML... I'm broke.. I just want to go into my closet and just cry forever.

    I've done some research here at work about this issue.. and looks like I might have fucked myself royally. If this get's worst.. my entire face could get infected. And if that's the case.. my blood might be infected? I could die if this shit get's carried to my brain? WTf?! My dads already asked me about this huge band aid on my face and I told him I was looking for something on the floor by my bed side table.. and that something sharp on my bedside table cut the hell out of my face.

    I did what I could to "treat" this.. rubbing alcohol was used to clean up this mess. It burns so fucking bad. I put some Neosporin on it.. my infected.. affected skin is kinda peeling.. it looks like a bad sunburn. It's about an inch and a half long.

    I'm hoping this will heal on it's own.. I'm hoping I will be ok after this ordeal.

    I've been snapping at people today..

    I'm stressed the fuck out.

    I was hoping that I could control this boil thing/possible border line diabetic issue .. but idk anymore. It's not looking good at all. I just want to cut myself so I'm not thinking about what I just did to my face.
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    I think go to doctors and get tested for diabetes If you have it you need to be treated for it. Go to doctors they have samples sometimes of antibiotics and get your face and blemishes looked at . Professional opinion will help and you will get some medication for it. Just tell doctor you do not have money for meds and you can get sample that are dropped off at doctors offices. Go get looked after you will start feeling better if you do.
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    Thanks for the advice violet.

    I'm feeling better.. the burn has gotten a lot better. I'm not in the total clear yet.. but it looks better. There isn't any sign of infection. The healing process is going to be lengthy.

    I'm going to get everything checked out. I need to see what shape my body is in.