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    Im so angry. My self hatred is rolling into more than that. Like a dedicated self destructive pattern. Not something that I will do do now and a gain but a thought process of 'how can I destroy meself a little bit more'

    Im finally feeling my anger twards my friend and ex. Its definatly hatered at her right now and just a pissed off 'I want to fucking stab you' for him. That scares me a little. Its a little liberating.. But Its not me. Its now how I am. I was this way years ago before I went to war. Before I satisfied my own blood lust.

    I am broken. I cry for no reason all the time and I dont see any light. Any reason to look for some light. I know where I am headed. For all the pain this has caused it has sent me down a path. Im going to do something that matters. Something that means something. I just have to be strong for a little longer. This will be my lives work. It will be more than I could immagine myself ever doing.
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    it is a cruel thing they have done. I cant imagine having to live in the same house if my husband had taken up with another woman. I am truly sorry you are in this situation. Its no surprise you are feeling this way. I hope you continue to find the strength you need to get your life back on track. I know it doesnt feel like it now but you will get past this ! *love and hugs*