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morning rush

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I've been struggling with focus for a long while, and I think its part of depression....

The problem I have is what happens between thinking of what to do, and doing it...like I can't click to move on...I'm stuck thinking without being able to move and do it...I get numb and weird...and its like I can't focus...

other days its so easy, I think and act right away without having this big barrier in between...

some people have said that it was laziness but I'm not a lazy person...I know its not laziness....it's like there's a switch that doesn't turn on...I'm in stuck mode...

anyone knows what I'm talking about? or am I just crazy?
Wow -- do I ever know what you mean. I can spend hours thinking about what I'm going to do, how I'm going to do it, I can even see myself doing it in my mind but to actually DO IT, there is something that I can't seem to conquer. I hope that it has to do with the depression and if I ever find a doctor who will listen to me and try me on some other meds, I will hopefully find out whether it is me or the depression. For now, my life seems to be stuck on PAUSE.
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