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Food For Thought 2

Dear Friends of ‘Food for Thought’,

If you have been searching for the old thread with this name, the same as I did yesterday, you might like to know that it has been moved to the Soap Box Forum. For those who wish to continue to follow my postings there, the link below will take you to it:

Please note that all my work is of an intuitive and spiritual nature and not of a religious one. Rays of Wisdom, my website, is a non-religious spiritual site – not to be confused with spiritualism. My writings draw from and embraces all the religions of our world. By looking for the higher meaning behind some of their outdated teachings it hopes to show that rising above the Earth plane is possible and even desirable for all human souls whilst still being an integral part of it.

It is a private initiative dedicated to the healing of our relationship with God, ourselves, each other and our planet. During this very special times of transformation and transition from one age into another this is getting to be of ever greater importance. God and the Angels are eagerly waiting to be called upon by each one of us to help us with this task. Thus we shall re-learn to walk hand in hand with them, the way we once did. They wish to show each one of us how to make their own contribution towards the healing of our planet and making it into a place where all lifeforms can exist together in harmony and peace.

Because God and the Angels are spirit – the same as the essence of our own being – to my mind, they are connected with spirituality rather than religions. But what is spirituality? To me it means nothing more than an awareness of the most fundamental understanding that there is a great deal more to each and every one of than our physical bodies. In truth, we are spirit and soul who from time to time find themselves temporarily encased in matter. Having become aware of this, the comprehension of the purpose and meaning of life and its mysterious background falls into place easily and naturally.

Religions, not one but all of them, have always been on the periphery of my life rather than representing its main focus. It’s just that occasionally my inner guide and Master, my intuition, draws my attention to one or the other, because some of the Ancient Wisdom that has come directly from the Source of our being is meant to be gleaned from it. Since the beginning of human life on this planet and throughout the ages, this wisdom has been presented to our race in ever changing forms and through a great variety of channels. I am one of them and so – at least potentially – are you. Having been a free spirit thus far, I have every intention of remaining that way. Over the years, I have developed into an interested observer of life who enjoys picking the best from all the belief systems our world has ever known, so it can be shared with all those who are interested in it.

Someone recently asked me: ‘What – not who – are you?’ My reply was then, as it will always be: ‘I am a very ordinary person and a beloved child of the Universe, the same as the trees and the Stars, as well as you are and everybody else.’

My only aim is the sharing of spiritual knowledge with as many members of my spiritual family as possible. Although everything that can be found here takes its inspiration from all the religious, spiritual and/or philosophical belief systems of our world, Rays of Wisdom is in no way connected with or sponsored by any of them. All it intends to do is aiding you in finding an ever expanding awareness of the true purpose and meaning Earth life and the processes behind it.

See you on the Soap Box Forum.

With love and light,


* * *

The Giant Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life

Time and again throughout the ages, parts of My knowledge, known to your world as the Ancient Wisdom, were given to humankind. Over and over they were interpreted, re-worked and translated from one language into another. Although the words and languages in which My messages were presented constantly changed, their basic contents remained the same. As soon as sufficient numbers of you had spiritually matured sufficiently to be able to grasp their meaning, if only superficially, another aspect of My wisdom was revealed to you through a multitude of different sources. Alas, the words in which it was presented frequently were hard or even impossible to understand. But now that many of you are ready to perceive their hidden esoteric meanings, even the oldest of My communications are beginning to speak to you and your world more profoundly than has ever been possible before.

However, receiving My teachings is one thing. Understanding and unearthing the esoteric higher wisdom hidden behind the surface words is quite another. Since time immemorial this has presented your world with problems. That’s why many of My words in the past appeared to you like the pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle that were well nigh impossible to put together to reveal its picture. Many quotes from the teachings of all the religions of your world were hidden references to the law of Karma. I hope that this realisation will help you make a great deal more sense out of at least some of them now, so that the puzzle’s pieces fall into place and an ever more beautiful picture emerges before your astonished eyes.

To give you but one example, to this day many are mystified by quotes like ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ With the understanding you have found, you know that they contain a reference to My Universal laws, in particular the law of Karma. The above words and others like them were never intended to represent instructions of behaviour telling you to go out of your way to cause pain and destroy each other. From where you stand now, you can see for yourself that such interpretations were as much a gross injustice to your true nature and Mine as they are of the sacred texts I gave to you through the scribes of their time.

All life is subject to My Divine laws and every soul has always been responsible for every one of its own thoughts, words and actions. Know that being unaware of the existence of these laws has never protected anyone against having to live with its consequences. Whenever you are saddened by the inexperienced souls in your world who still insist on taking such teachings literally and use them as excuses for hurting and killing those who do not share their beliefs, do not despair and refuse to sit in judgement over them. They too are learning valuable lessons; both of you are – yours is the one of tolerance and patience with those younger souls. They are your siblings in the great family of humankind and of all life. In the fullness of time, My time not Earth time, they too will wake up to their true nature again; they will then be given the same opportunities for finding the understanding you have gained by now. You all get there in the end and all life rests safely in My loving hands.

The Barren Fig Tree

St Luke 13:6-9 of the Jesus legend contains the following parable: ‘A man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard. When he came seeking fruit on it, he found none. So he said to the labourer: `Behold, for three years I have been coming and seeking fruit on this fig tree and I find none. Cut it down. Why should the ground be wasted?’ The labourer replied: ‘My lord, let it remain for this year also, until I work and fertilise it. It might bear fruit and if not, you can cut it down.’

Apparently the meaning of this tale has remained a puzzle to devout Christians, who still believe that every word of the Bible is from God and true and therefore has to be understood literally. Yet, for anyone in search of the esoteric truths that are hidden behind the surface words of all sacred texts, this parable and the tree itself provide invaluable clues to the origin of all wisdom contained not only in the Bible but also in its forerunner, the Torah of Judaism. The Jewish scriptures once emerged from various regions of the Middle Eastern countries of antiquity, where many religions proliferated. From them over time emerged the Torah, which was followed by the Bible and after a while by Islam’s Koran. Slowly but surely, all of these evolved into holy texts each in their own right.

In the Middle East the fig tree has always been an essential part of the support of life. Because of this it is hardly surprising that it was chosen to represent not only one of the major symbols of life but also the Tree of Life. Through this the fig tree and its product, the fig leaf, crept into the Western versions of the Bible – through the backdoor, so to speak. The fig leaf in Genesis represents knowledge acquired from the tree of life. With the help of the first small piece they each picked, just one leaf each, Adam and Eve, upon leaving paradise, a symbolism for the pre-conscious state of our oneness with God. With the leaves they cover their nudity, a metaphor for their lack of self-knowledge, self-awareness and understanding, their ignorance of themselves and also their innocence. Adam stands for the human spirit, masculine. He is accompanied by his female counterpart, Eve, the human soul, who leave paradise together.

Every individual life, each one of us, is a shoot of the great Tree of Life and the parable of the barren fig tree appears as a warning to our whole world. It carries the message that no matter what anyone’s beliefs may be in any given lifetime, unless a measure of learning and spiritual progress is a achieved, a lifetime can be a completely wasted one. The barren fig tree is a symbolism for all who insist on spending the whole of their present lifetime pursuing purely earthly pleasures and material gains of this, that and the other kind.

To the wise ones in charge of humankind, the biblical references to the fig tree and its products all along were intended to act merely as teaching aids. In the time and place where the tale originated its meaning could easily be understood by the general public. That’s why the story of the Master, and many others who long before served the same purpose in our world, used the same metaphors. In the days of yore, the easiest way of explaining spiritual concepts was with the help of things people were familiar with and whose importance they understood, for example that of the fig tree. However, when these ideas were later transferred and translated into words for the consumption of Western minds, their original meaning was lost.

How, without explaining why this should be so, was the mass of people in that world to know that no human life, like the fig tree, should be entirely bereft of good thoughts, words and deeds and therefore wholly unproductive? Our spiritual teachers could not tell us what is required from every human soul on the Earth plane, because they themselves were left in the dark about such things. So, how could we, the ordinary people, guess that the gift of another lifetime is only granted to human souls in the hope that it will bring forth some more of the rich harvest of the fruits that grow on the tree of life in the form of wisdom and understanding? That’s why it took us such a long time to find out that the only way this tree can yield its fruit to anyone is through endeavouring to learn something from every experience.

But even if someone wastes their whole lifetime with fooling, nobody is going to sit in judgement over us or condemn us. When we leave our present existence and return to our true home, the world of spirit, we ourselves together with the wise ones in charge of us, review the lifetime that has just gone and all others and lay all our performances thus far into the scales of justice. Souls who fail to learn and grow through each and every one of their earthly experiences, good and bad, positive and negative alike, either through laziness or sheer ignorance of the true purpose of life, are in for a rude awakening at that time. They will then be able to see for themselves how many of the growth opportunities of their past lifetime were thoughtlessly thrown away.

Even that, however, is by no means a wasted experience. Souls who have done this are unlikely to ever forget that life on Earth is an institution for learning and growing. They will then know and take full advantage of the fact that earthly life is the only place where negative character traces can be changed into positive ones, and weaknesses converted into strengths. Having grown much wiser, they appreciate that only through freely exploring the negative and darkest aspects of our nature in past lifetimes, we ourselves brought it about that wisdom and understanding, the fruits of the tree of life, to this day are mostly gathered through suffering.

This too is meant to change. That’s why the Universe places the tools for bringing forth the highest, noblest and best that is in us into every soul’s own hands and encourages us to develop them to their highest potential. As ever more of us live by and obey the Universal laws, the darkness of our present level of existence is gradually dissolving. The more one finds out about the true purpose of life on the material plane, the more one feels inclined to approach all life with reverence and gratitude for the great wisdom and love that provides everything for us and brings all things into being.

Persistently and relentlessly, the Universe pushes us and our world, the same as all other worlds, forward on their predestined evolutionary path. Because of this, imperceptibly but surely, the Earth’s vibrations have been speeding up for a very long time. The pace of this is constantly increasing and that presents each one of us with the necessity for making a conscious choice of either going with the flow or being left behind. As the human spirit is eternal and indestructible and therefore cannot die, this is not as disastrous as it may sound on the surface. It is merely that those who insist on dragging their feet are showing that they are unready. By refusing to get on with working on changing their characters to bring forth the best that is within them, they are demonstrating that they are unsuitable to be part of the new Heaven and Earth that is now beginning to manifest itself on our planet.

In contrast to them, all souls who happily get on with their lessons for this lifetime, no matter how difficult and trying they may turn out to be, are fruitfully occupied with doing their share of building this world. Those who still insist on acting irresponsibly towards anyone are proving by their very behaviour their unreadiness for continuing their education in a peaceful world. The time is rapidly approaching when they will no longer be allowed to stand in the way. At the right moment, they will be removed from the Earth in the natural course of events. There is no need for emotionally getting carried away with the notion that this sounds cruel. Instead, bear in mind that the true needs of all God’s children are always met, whatever that may entail.

From The Sheep And The Goats

* * *

Life’s wisdom is like a tree, a living and rapidly expanding organism. And the tree of life is an analogy for the invisible structure on which all the wisdom and knowledge that has ever been gathered by anyone has grown. This tree is a living organism that – like any other – needs continued sustenance and nurturing. Every religion and belief system that our world has ever known is one of its branches that has contributed towards its growth, some more successfully than others. By adding to the knowledge that is already there, every soul’s learning from its own experiences actively supports the growth of the tree and contributes towards its wellbeing.

For as long as the tree continues to thrive and expand, all is well. But, like with any tree, branches that are no longer productive and have ceased growing, die and are eventually chopped off by those in charge. In spiritual terms, ignorance is darkness and knowledge is light, and each one of us is in this life to grow into a seeker of truth and enlightenment. In my view, a sound knowledge of the law of Karma is what every human soul on the Earth plane requires most urgently. That, alas, is something that spiritual writings like the Bible, the Koran and the Talmud only contain in carefully hidden forms.

Revelations 22:2 of the Bible contains an interesting astrological reference: ‘On either side of the river the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.’ My interpretation of this is: the two sides of the river are an illustration of the two aspects of humankind’s existence, that on the Earth plane and that in the world of spirit, our true home. All souls, on both sides of the river, encounter the tree of life with its twelve different types of fruit.

From The Tree Of Life

* * *
The Budding Fig Tree

St Luke 21:29-33, as well as St Matthew 24:32-35 and St Mark 13:28-31, brings us a parable about a budding fig tree. Here the Master tells his disciples: ‘Look at the fig tree and all other trees. When they put forth leaves, you immediately understand by them that summer is near. Even so, when these things happen you also know that the kingdom of God is near. Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away till all these things happen. Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.’

As pointed out in ‘The Barren Fig Tree’, how can anyone be expected to understand both the stories of the barren and the budding fig tree without knowing the original meaning of the rich symbolism that hides behind the outer surface of the words? I see the labourer in the vineyard as a metaphor for the wise ones in charge of us, our Angels, Masters and guides in the world of light. To me, the life of each one of us is an offshoot of the parent tree, the Tree of Life. When, in God’s time, the winter of the existence of all saplings, i.e. young and inexperienced souls struggling with their lack of comprehension and ignorance, is over they grow into spiritual adulthood.

Spring approaches and buds begin to appear on the little trees. They grow bigger and bigger until one fine day they burst open and lo and behold! Leaves unfold that are exactly like those of the Tree of Life. in just the same way, each leaf on the tree of life and its youngsters represents a small amount of God’s sacred wisdom and truth. When such leaves at long last unfold in every heart and soul on the Earth plane and God’s children of the Earth conduct their lives in accordance with the wisdom they are finding, God’s Kingdom on the Earth will have come. Through this parable the Universal Christ lets us know that, although our understanding of the concepts of Heaven and Earth pass away – change – with the better understanding we are finding, the ancient wisdom of God’s truth behind the words of this parable and all others is indeed eternal and will never pass away.

The man in the barren fig tree clearly is a symbolism for the Highest. Now, had the words of the Bible, including those of the tales of the fig trees, really been written by God, rather than scribes under the orders of the elders of the early Christian church, wouldn’t the man have said: ‘Behold, for three years I have been coming and seeking fruit on this fig tree and I find none. But, do not cut it down. It shall remain for another year and be given another chance. You work and fertilise it, so that it too can bear fruit and there will never be any need for getting rid of it.’? After all, it was God who in His/Her great wisdom and immense thoughtfulness brings all life into being. God is love and the motivation for the universal laws, especially the law of Karma, is love because it ensures that no spirit and soul will ever be truly lost in the vastness of space and time.

Only when each one of us has been reconnected and is fully one again with their Highest Self, and when the buds of truth like those of our parent tree are sprouting on us to bring God’s sacred wisdom and truth directly from the heartmind of God into every soul’s own, the Kingdom will establish itself ever more firmly on the Earth. When everybody refuses to hurt or harm in thoughts, words and actions anybody and anything, and all of us project nothing but loving thoughts into the collective consciousness, the Kingdom truly has arrived and there will be peace on the Earth and goodwill to all, as prophesied a long, long time ago.

* * *

From ‘A Time to Remember’ Stella Polaris October/November 2008: ‘The power of thought is the creative power of all life. As you think, so you become, and so you create the conditions that surround you. You can learn to use your good thought. Within you all is this Divine creative principle, which has the power to create vibration amongst, and to control, the actual atoms of matter. We tell you this to help you, for all the Divine urge to know and to become aware of a life which is free, which is holy, happy, healthy and joyous, a life in which you can render service to the world and in which you can see quite clearly the land of light. If you would have a better world, create it for yourselves now at this very instant in your mind: hold the thought continually in your mind; refuse to allow any other thought to banish it from your consciousness and then raise your whole vibrations and your aspirations.

‘Always put into operation the forces of construction. You can release yourself from imprisonment and darkness by thought. Believe that good will come and that the best is coming, and it will. Try not to let your thoughts be dragged down to an earthly level or become imprisoned in the material and physical life. Try not to despair, nor dwell on the negative side of any situation. Do not be dismayed by the darkness that you witness in humanity, but cultivate compassion for life. Remember that every negative thought goes out into the Universe and adds to the sum of negative thoughts in the whole of life. But remember also that the same applies to good thought. If you train yourselves to think positive good; to see good and believe in good, you are serving the whole of creation. You are raising the consciousness of all of creation. Your little contribution to the whole is of enormous importance.’

From ‘White Eagle On The Power Of Thought

* * *
Rest assured that nothing can manifest itself in your environment unless it has first happened on the inner level of life. As a result, each time one of you consciously changes their inner perception and attitude towards life, your whole world follows suit. And when you save and redeem yourself in thoughts, words and actions, your world is saved and redeemed with you. So, go your way with your eyes wide open and be alive by taking an active interest in what surrounds you. Your intelligence is part of and one with Mine. Use it for good purposes only and strive to make your world a better place through bringing a renewed understanding of the true purpose and meaning of your earthly existence to as many as you can. Share the knowledge you find to help ignite the Divine spark in people’s hearts and souls, and the small still flame of spiritual understanding comes alive in them and renews their faith and trust in Me, your Creator, and the goodness of the life I have prepared for each one of you.

Assist the people you meet to become aware that in truth there is no yesterday or tomorrow, only this glorious moment of here and now, and that every moment of their lives is part of Eternity and precious. All who at any given time are dwelling on the Earth plane are aspiring to become a lightbringer and healer, who in the fullness ot time can be used as a channel through which My wisdom and truth, the macrocosm, flows ever more forcefully into the the consciousness of your race, the microcosm. Know that the power of creation is in you and that imagination is the source of all creation. Use yours to create the ideal world of your dreams where all live together in peace and harmony, and where warmongering, sickness and death are no longer known. By thinking about this often, you call it into being. Meditate and reflect upon it, too and through your inner guidance I will show you how to bring your new world about.

Rejoice in your oneness with Me and experience the elation of acting as a true child of Mine by assisting others to become aware that they also are the daughters and sons of My eternal spirit. In the name of love I ask this of each one of you.

From About Time

* * *
Pluto In Sagittarius

Apart from observing the trends of how a particular planet influences all life on the Earth plane, I am not interested in using astrology for predicting the future, as to my mind that is nothing short of fortunetelling. However, equipped with the gift of hindsight, it is good to watch how life on the Earth unfolds and to see for ourselves how we and our world are steered and guided by the loving hands of the Highest. In this way it reveals Its presence to us quite clearly and gives us visible evidence of the fact that we and our world have always rested safely in Its loving embrace and forever will be taken care of. What more could anyone want?

Furthermore, astrology is unequalled as a lifehelp and a tool for getting to know ourselves and our predestined pathway, as it is written in the great book of life for our present lifetime. What lies beyond we shall see when we get there. The Divine science also provides us earthlings with a magnificent instrument for interpreting the Cosmic dance of the planets, as they move through space and time, guided by the loving hand of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life.

Astrology allows us to study and take a more conscious part in the ever unfolding of the Great Plan of Life, lovingly designed, brought into being and steered by the will and the power of the Father and the love and wisdom of the Mother, His feminine counterpart. If there is anything in this world more sacred and holy than this, please tell me about it, so I too can take part in it and others with me.

I find it endlessly fascinating to watch how most people react to the energies and lessons of their Sun sign, ‘their stars’. This seems to express itself particularly strongly in those who know nothing about what is commonly known as ‘The Stars’. A striking example of this came my way when Pluto moved into Sagittarius in November 1995. I lived in the Republic of Ireland at that time and as soon as the Sun moved into Scorpio, Pluto’s own sign, a Renew program of the international Catholic Church organisation reached our small local diocese in the West of Ireland. By the way, I am not a Catholic. I am a free spirit and will forever be devoted to serving the wisdom of the Highest with all that I have and am. To paraphrase St. Francis of Assisi’s words: ‘O Great Mother of all life, make me a channel of Your peace, Your wisdom, love and truth.’

Scorpio is the sign of transformations and regenerations, death, birth and re-birth. When the Sun is in Scorpio, all of nature goes through what looks like death, but only on the outer surface of life. In truth, this time is no more than a preparation for the rebirth that inevitably takes place each spring. Through Mother Earth we are shown that every death that takes place in her loving embrace, for all lifeforms, is but a transformation into a different life-state.

The planet Pluto is associated with major changes or developments that frequently come about through destruction and eventual rebirth. The sign Sagittarius is associated with religion, philosophy, the law, education, publishing, politics, faith, idealism and also long distance travelling. Some of the Pluto in Sagittarius periods of the past were dominated by significant religious/philosophical upheavals, explorations and renewals.

It was during times like these that the legend of Jesus as a public figure first appeared. Much later it led to the events that moved Martin Luther, 1483-1546, the German Catholic monk who became the father of the Protestant Reformation movement, to posting his ninety-five theses to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg, Germany. It was Luther’s way of speaking up and rebelling against the greed, profiteering and corruption of the Catholic Church in Rome.

Over the ages, Pluto in Sagittarius also brought about many watershed moments in science and technology as well as the political thinking of our world. One of them was the development of the first modern printing machine, the Gutenberg Press. Through this it became possible, for the first time in humankind’s history, to print and distribute pamphlets in vast numbers that spread Luther’s ideas to all corners of the regions that were later to become Germany and beyond to the rest of Europe. Luther’s translation of the Bible into the colloquial German of its day was also published. For the first time ever ordinary mortals could read or hear – not many could read and write in those days – the words that were believed to be of God. In ‘Light And Darkness’ you can read more about this by clicking on the corresponding link at the end of this chapter.

Together with Mars, Pluto is the planetary ruler of Scorpio. Pluto was the God of the Underworld of the ancients and to this day the energies of this planet are responsible for transformations and regenerations, death, birth and rebirth. Sagittarius is the sign of Higher Consciousness and higher education, including the vast realm of religions and philosophical beliefs, as well as faith, trust and hope. For us and our world Pluto’s move into Sagittarius heralded the renewal and rebirth of all matters related to these topics.

Pluto’s energies have a cleansing and purifying effect and with hindsight it is particularly interesting to observe how much this already has achieved in our world. For example, in the course of Pluto’s transit through Sagittarius ground-breaking books appeared like ‘The Jesus Mysteries’, first published in 1999. It was followed in 2001 by ‘Jesus and the Lost Goddess’. You can read more about these books by following the relevant link below.

As Pluto is the slowest moving planet of all, as well as the one that most profoundly affects us on the deepest, innermost levels, much more of the same nature can be expected, depending through which sign the planet moves. By now, Pluto is transiting Capricorn, Saturn’s own sign. You can read about the effects this is having in our world by following the matching link below.

Recommended Reading:

Imagine there’s no Heaven.
It’s easy if you try.
No Hell below us,
Above us only sky.
Imagine all the people
Living for today.

Imagine there’s no countries.
It isn’t hard to do.
Nothing to kill or die for.
And no religion too.
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace.

Imagine no possessions.
I wonder if you can.
No need for greed or hunger.
A brotherhood of man.
Imagine all the people,
Sharing all the world.

You may say that I’m a dreamer,
But I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one.

John Lennon

The way I understand this life is that every human soul is a receiver/transmitter station designed to bring the illumination and inspiration from the Highest levels of life into the Earth’s environment. Everybody is a conduit of communication through which the ideas of the Universal Life Force, also known as God, are constantly flowing into us and our world. Potentially, we are all its channels. Through John Lennon and his song ‘Imagine’ it provided our world with a truly inspired vision of the new Heaven and Earth in the Aquarian Age.

Born on the 9th October 1940, John Lennon was a Sun Libra, the peacemaking sign of the zodiac. I share John’s vision that in the New Age all religions will go from our world because there no longer will be any need for them. Considering how much misery and suffering they have brought into our world and still are doing to this day, there is every reason to rejoice.

* * *
God – The Great Magician

Everybody’s understanding of the concepts of God and the Universe is at least slightly different from that of anyone else. Before our Creator each one of us stands alone, but not as if in front of some kind of throne – other than that of our appreciation of the Divine – the way God was presented to us in previous ages. The perception of what God means to us personally is something very intimate. It is different for each one of us, because it depends on the relationship we have thus far been able to establish with our Creator. Every soul is on the Earth plane so that it may search for a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose of its own existence and that of all life. This can only be found by making an effort to peer behind the curtains and into the spiritual background of this life, especially its most profound processes, namely birth and death.

Our understanding of the meaning of God has changed profoundly since the books of the Bible were written, especially the earlier ones of the Old Testament; their origins are lost in the mists of time. Yet, from the point we have reached by now on the evolutionary spiral, it is still possible to make some kind of sense of the Bible story of Creation in the book of Genesis. During the early stages of the evolutionary phase of our race’s education on the Earth plane, for a very long time God was believed to be an old man. He was a kind of superior magician with a long white beard, who sits on a throne up in the clouds above our world somewhere. Imagining that our beautiful world was brought into being by this man’s waving of a wand and casting magic spells upon his latest creation was good enough for humankind’s infantile spiritual comprehension in those early days. Who knows how we may have imagined this process then? Might we have thought that when our God waved his wand and mumbled words like: ‘Abracadabra’ or ‘Hocus Pocus Fidibus!’ that – hey presto – day by day another part of the created world appeared?

It would have been too difficult then for any of us to grasp that each day of creation mentioned in the Bible is a description of one of the evolutionary phases of our world, which in truth may have taken many millions of years. Don’t you think that the long slow process of evolution that brought our world into being, over millions and millions of years in Earth time, is a much more magnificent achievement that commands much more respect than the waving of a magic wand? Isn’t it more appropriate by far to stand in awe and wonder before the amazing genius of the Great Architect of life, whose love has the wisdom and foresight to think of the many evolutionary changes and adaptations that already have taken place in our ever changing world? This Great one toils by day and night to carry out its creative ideas, brings them into being and then cares for and maintains all worlds and everything that is in them. And that undoubtedly will continue forever, as we and our world move higher and higher on the evolutionary spiral. To my mind, that is much more of an achievement than the magician’s version of the tales could ever have been.

I see our world as one great a work of art. In spite of its size it is merely a tiny though integral part of an even more gigantic masterpiece and a labour of love, which is the whole of Creation and all worlds and beings contained within them. Everything that ever has been and ever will be is created by the loving thoughts of our Creator, the Great Father of all life. Through the Great Mother, with the help of the Angels, all things come into being. And everything that is still ugly and disharmonious in our world and in us is merely waiting to be made beautiful and harmonious, in its own sweet time. Let us not despise these aspects because they too have meaning and serve the higher purpose of teaching us to recognise and appreciate that which is beautiful and harmonious.

Awake from your slumber,
Arise from your sleep,
A new day is dawning,
For all those who weep.

The people in darkness
Have seen a great light.
The Light of our longing Has conquered the night.

Let us build the city of God,
May our tears be turned into dancing,
For the Lord of our Light and our Love,
Our true Lord and Master,
The Universal Christ,
Is turning the night of Earth’s people’s ignorance
Into the brightness of the day of true enlightenment
That comes directly from Him/Her,
Father/Mother of all life.

Dan Schutte & Robert J. Batastini
Adapted for the Age of Aquarius
By Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius is with us now. It is the age of enlightenment and spiritual freedom that brings us the long awaited spiritual rebirth of our race and our whole world. Ever more of us are discovering that the answers to all our questions really do lie within, and that they are given by the living God within, the inner teacher and guru. With that it comes clear that the saviour and redeemer, promised of old, is at last in flesh appearing and that this is happening in a highly surprising and much more beautiful way than anyone could ever have envisaged in past ages, even in their wildest dreams. The saviour and redeemer is none other than us. Each one of us has to do their share of saving and redeeming ourselves and our world.

The deeper we move into the new age and the months and years go by, it can be seen with ever increasing clarity that this is no means merely some kind of a fad or an airy-fairy notion that has sprung from the minds of the participants of the hippy movement. The Age of Aquarius is a very real evolutionary period in the spiritual development of humankind and therefore deserves to be taken seriously, as it demands the fullest attention from all of us, not only from those who are already interested in their own spiritual progress and that of our whole world.

In the Aquarian Age spiritual wisdom and truth is flowing ever more strongly into all human hearts directly from the Source. The long promised and awaited World Teacher is now coming to us in the most miraculous and unexpected way, namely by being born in the heart of each and every one of us. At long last it is coming clear that this teacher is none other than the inner guru and wise one, the living God within, everybody’s Highest Self, in whom we are all one. For a very long time this part of our nature has been known as the small still voice of conscience that constantly tries to tell us right from wrong and communicates with us through the world of our feelings and intuition. As the English poet Robert Browning, 1812-1889, once put it: ‘There is an inmost centre in us all, where truth abides in fullness.’

From The Age Of Aquarius

* * *
The Angels are our unseen guardians, keepers and nursemaids in the world of light. Under the command of the Mother to come to assist whenever one of us in danger of getting too deep into trouble and lost, their invisible helping hands are constantly reaching to us. All we have to do is take hold of them and learn to follow their guidance and walk with them.

The Great Mother’s way of teaching us, Her beloved children of the Earth, the gift of self-mastery has always been through allowing us to each learn from our own experiences until we eventually have become mature enough to be capable of taking charge of every part of our being and willing to practise self-discipline,. And when after the lessons of Saturn in Capricorn and the tenth house, we arrive in the next sign and house, Aquarius and the eleventh house, Saturn has by no means left us, but stands guard at the gateway to ensure that none of us can come anywhere near the Aquarian liberty until complete self-mastery has been achieved.

High on the list of things to be shed from our consciousness are the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that still abound in our world. Each one of them is waiting to be replaced by our own truth, i.e. that which the living God within tells us is true, good and right for us, now – even though it may not be for anyone else. As pioneers of a new age we have to be prepared that our truth may not yet match anyone else’s beliefs. Those we come into contact with may not yet understand what we have to give.

Saturn is a much maligned planet who, in the olden days for a very long time had to endure an exceedingly bad press. However, if you follow the links provided at the end of this chapter, you can discover for yourself that his reputation as the great astrological villain is by no means justified. It is likely that you will then no longer allow anyone to say negative things about Saturn in your presence. The planet stands as the guardian and keeper of the gateway into the Aquarian Age. He is a symbolism for the bridge of learning that controls all parts of our being and which every soul must cross freely and willingly. Earthly and heavenly parts alike have to be mastered by us, and our energies cleansed and purified of the desires of our lower earthly animal nature. Without this it is impossible to return into the perfect alignment with our eternal or God Self. Finding it one day is every soul’s birthright.

The co-rulership of Aquarius by Saturn and Uranus maps out humankind’s way forward into the New Age quite clearly. The order in which the planets are appearing is of particular significance in this context. Saturn, the strict disciplinarian comes first; Uranus, the destroyer of false beliefs is the liberator who follows behind; more about him in a moment. All those who are willing to undergo the cleansing process and show their readiness by behaving in an unselfish and disciplined manner, and that at all times, Uranus releases into the freedom of the Aquarian Age. He is waiting to help us burst all Karmic chains and shackles of past ages and by bringing us God’s Divine truth that flows directly from His/Her loving heart into the individual and collective consciousness of our world, he assists us in shaking off every last remnant of the false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices that to this day abound in us and our world.

The gates of the Aquarian Age can only swing open to those who behave responsibly and in a masterly fashion, who unselfishly seek to serve the good of the whole instead of their own. Master souls are those who with love and self-discipline attain mastery over every aspect of their nature. The higher degree of self-mastery we shall achieve in the fullness of time, the more control we shall gain over the elements and even over physical matter, especially the cells and atoms or our own physical bodies. When we have won a sufficiently high degree of freedom, we shall be able to exist and manifest on more than one plane of life and be in more than one place at a time. The more highly evolved we become, the less we shall be limited by space and time.

Bearing all that in mind, it is not hard to see how Saturn will rule over a new golden age and how we are heading into it. It will come about when all who dwell on the Earth plane have achieved self-awareness and such a degree of self-mastery that no-one over-consumes and everybody merely takes and eats what they need and leaves the rest for the others to enjoy, the way the animals do. Isn’t it astonishing how much they can teach us? As they will lno longer be required, all religions will have gone from our world and there will be no more exploitation, oppression and slavery, especially of the religious/spiritual kind.

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Heaven And Hell – An Allegory

Having spent a difficult lifetime on the Earth plane without any spiritual sustenance whatever, a man returned to the world of spirit and light. After a period of rest and healing there, he approached one of the Angels and asked: ‘Where am I, in Heaven or in Hell?’ The Angel took him by the hand and said: ‘Heaven and Hell are not places that anyone goes to. They are states of consciousness that exist purely in humankind’s mind. Come with me and I will show you what I mean.’

The Angel guided the man to a room where people were sitting at a lavishly laid banquet table laden with delicacies of all kinds. Each participant of this feast had a spoon with a very long handle attached to both hands. All of them looked emaciated and were clearly on the verge of starving in the presence of the abundance before them. Each person was desperately trying to feed themselves, but because the handles of their spoons were far too long, not one morsel reached their mouths. Sadly and longingly, those sitting round the table looked upon the food that was falling from their spoons onto the table and could not be reached by them.

A group of Angels stood silently around the gathering, watching the sufferers with concerned and sad expressions on their faces. The Angel accompanying the man explained: ‘We are your guardians and keepers, but we are not allowed to interfere with any of the lessons you are receiving. Only when someone goes down on their knees, if only metaphorically speaking, do we have permission to come to their help, as surely we do only too gladly. Let me show you something.

The Angel took the man to another room where people were seated round a banquet table laden with delicacies, just like the table in the other room. Here, however, the people were happily tucking in, laughing, joking, chatting and generally having a wonderful time. Like the people in the other room, these had an identical type of spoon fastened to both their hands. But in spite of this handicap, they were not starving because, helped by the Angels they had discovered that when they fed each other instead of themselves, as much food as anyone liked was available for all.

Noticing the astonished look on the man’s face, the Angel said: ‘The situation in these two rooms is a reflection of what you find in your earthly existence. There as well as here, the only thing that really matters is that you, God’s children of the Earth, should learn to love each other enough to want to share with those around you everything your Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life, makes available to you.

‘In the final analysis, it’s everyone’s own attitude to each other and the behaviour this brings about that for each one of you makes the difference between a heavenly and a hellish lifetime. To illustrate this with an example, spiritual knowledge is a treasure because it is food from the Heavens, the higher and highest levels of life. Merely reading it and selfishly keeping it to yourself does no good to you or anyone else. Whatever you find is meant to be tried and tested by you applying it to your own life’s experiences. This is the only way the wealth contained in any of the information that comes your way can become your property. Only then can it grow and increase and expand your consciousness and comprehension of life in the manner it is meant to..

‘There is nothing nobler and finer, more fulfilling and rewarding for human souls on the Earth plane than sharing with others that which each one of you learns during their healing journey of a thousand miles that takes you back into the conscious awareness of your loving union with God and all life. Whatever you gain in wisdom and knowledge should not be kept to yourself, but the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, wants you to use it for the feeding, blessing, healing and comforting of all those who are in need of it. If you ask for our guidance, we shall show you what each one is ready to receive.

‘Know that first and foremost all of you, without exception, are God’s children of the Earth, spirit and soul, the same as your Divine parents. Yet, for as long as you are still young and inexperienced, in the early stages of your earthly education, you have to learn through your own experiences that a lack of understanding of God’s true nature and your own, as well as the true purpose and meaning of life, slowly but surely leads to an increasingly severe deprivation of the Divine wisdom and truth that is the essential spiritual nourishment for all human souls on the Earth. It is your hunger and thirst for this sustenance that eventually motivates you to go in search of some of it yourself.

‘When you reflect on what is known of humankind’s history, you can see for yourself how all of you together in the early stages of your race’s development on the Earth, all of you together created a living Hell first for those around you and also for yourselves when the law of Karma brought the reactions to your misdeeds back to you in other lifetimes. To this day, Hell on Earth is created by many who insist on using their gifts and talents for selfish purposes and material gains, rather than for the benefit of others in order to bring small pieces of Heaven down to the Earth for them.

‘The law of life is love. A life filled with love is a heavenly one. On the other hand, an existence that so far knows nothing but satisfying the desires of the small earthly self, sinks ever deeper into selfishness, avarice, belligerence and greed, and in this process creates for itself and others a state of a living Hell on the Earth. So, love as much as you can – the supply is endless. The more you give, the more you will receive. No love given is ever lost. The laws of the Universe decree that whatever you send out must return to you.

‘In its purest and most innocent form love expresses itself as simple human kindness, a loving thought and word of understanding maybe or the touch of a hand, When it comes to adding credits to your spiritual account in the great book of life, being a good, kind and loving person rates much more highly than merely doing good. It means being godly and in God-like fashion welcoming the living, loving spirit onto the Earth by manifesting it and making your world a better and more beautiful place for everything that dwells there. All of this has nothing to do with religions and everything with bringing forth your Christ nature. This is how each one of you is required to make their contribution towards establishing God’s kingdom – the realm of that which is beautiful, good and right on the Earth and bringing Heaven down to your planet.

‘Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the Air signs. Each one in a somewhat different way serves the development of the human intellect and mind. Aquarius represents the Universal mind and during the Age of Aquarius every earthly mind will gradually attune itself and come into harmony with the Great Mind, known to you as God. You are all together on the Earth, so you can help each other in whatever manner it may become necessary. And we are the ones who have given you the Internet and showed you how to develop it to its present splendour.

‘Can you see how with the worldwide web we are placing into everybody’s hands the spoon with the longest handle that ever existed? By e-mail, forums, Facebook, Twitter and whatever other means of communication is at your disposal, this feeding device is capable of reaching into the farthest and remotest corners of your planet. We ask you to use your spoon for good purpose and feed God’s children wherever you find some who to this day are deprived of God’s sacred wisdom and truth that comes directly from the source of your being. They are your siblings and are crying out to be fed by you. Do not allow anyone to die of starvation but wield your spoon and act to share your abundance.

‘Whenever some spiritual knowledge comes your way, turn to your inner guidance to establish whether it is true. If the wise one within says: ‘Yes, this is true!’ then spread the good news as much as possible. Do so in the spirit of friendship and love, in which it was given to you, and forward it on to your worldwide Internet connections of whom you know that they will be interested in what you have to give. Please do not forget to add a reference to the source of your information, i.e. that it came to you from Rays of Wisdom, where lots more of this nature is available and can be downloaded free of charge any time of day or night.

‘As spiritual knowledge is a living organism that will forever continue to grow and evolve, new, original and exciting dishes are constantly in preparation and being served in the form of updates and additional chapters, for you to be enjoyed and fed to others with your own long-handled spoon. How about supplying them with some links, so they too can partake as much as they wish of the feast we have prepared for you with the help of Aquarius?

‘It is through generously distributing your finds and nurturing others that you yourself will never fail to be fed and sustained by us and ultimately the Life Force itself. The more you manifest your Christ nature and conduct a life that is filled with love for everything that shares it with you, you will soon see for yourself how every one of your needs are constantly met and that frequently before you have become aware of them yourself. If that isn’t everybody’s idea of Heaven on Earth, please tell us what is?’
Freely, freely you have received.
Freely, freely now give.
Go in our name, and because you believe,
Others will follow us, too.

Carol Owen
Adapted by Aquarius

Footnote: For those who are unfamiliar with how to download material from any website, not just Rays of Wisdom, I have put together some hints for, to my mind, the quickest and easiest way of doing so. The link below takes you to them:
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About Teaching And Learning

Then a teacher said: ‘Speak to us of teaching!’
And the Prophet said: ‘In truth, no-one can reveal anything to you,
Except that which already lies half asleep
In the depths of your own inner knowledge.
Even a teacher who walks among his pupils
In the shadow of the temple, does not give of his own wisdom.
All he can share with you is his faith and lovingness,
And if he is truly wise, he will not ask anyone to enter into
The house of his wisdom. Instead, he will guide each one who
Comes to him to the threshold of their own understanding.

‘An astronomer may speak to you of his understanding of space,
But he cannot give you this understanding.
A musician may sing to you and even explain about the rhythm
That is in all space, but he is not the one who can give you the ear
To hear the rhythm or the voice to echo it.
And those who are fluent in the science of numbers,
Can tell you all about their fascinating world,
But again, they can only guide you to it.
One person’s vision cannot lend its wings to another.
In just the same way, each one of stands alone in their knowledge of God,
And their understanding of the purpose and meaning
Of life on the Earth and all life.’

From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
Lebanese/American poet
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘A Celebration Of Kahlil Gibran’

‘Words & Prayers of Comfort & Healing’

'A wise person tells you what you already know deep down to be true - they just use the words that let you see it clearly.' Anon.

* * *

God’s Praise In Nature

When through the woods and forest glades I wander
And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees;
When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur
And hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze;
Then sings my soul, my Saviour God to Thee:
‘How great Thou art! How great Thou art!’
Then sings my soul, my Saviour God to Thee:
‘How great Thou art! How great Thou art!’

Summer and winter, and spring-time and harvest,
Sun, moon and stars in their courses above,
Join with all nature in manifold witness
To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love.
Great is Thy faithfulness! Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see.
All I have needed Thy hand hath provided
Great is Thy faithfulness, Father/Mother Creator, unto me.

Robert L. Deffinbaugh

From ‘Words of Wisdom For The Seasons Of The Year’

* * *

God is hard to describe in mere earthly words, but I will try. To me, God is something infinitely more sacred and holy, a power much greater, higher and more enlightened that is radiant with the true meaning of light, compassion and love than the teachings of the old religions of our world could ever convey. With their lack of understanding for the true purpose and meaning of Earth life and the esoteric background of their own teachings, all too frequently the Ancient Teachings, which messengers from the higher and highest levels of life from time to time brought to humankind, were misunderstood and misrepresented. Sometimes this happened – as it does in many places to this day – intentionally for the purpose of manipulating the masses into obedience and submission to the lust for power of those in charge. On other occasions the distortions were genuine because that was all our race could comprehend when new parts of the Goddess’s wisdom appeared.

From Is There A God?

* * *
You Are Special

Every human soul has been provided by our Creator with a different set of gifts and talents. They have taken many lifetimes to develop and it is important to be grateful for them, to take good care of them and further develop them, to the best of our ability. The whole range of that which has been bestowed upon us produces a vibration and a sound that is uniquely our own. The entire human race is like a room that is filled with billions of musical instruments. Listening to the symphony they are producing together, it may seem to us as if some of the instruments in some way sounded better than ours. Don’t be disturbed by this, because it’s due to the fact that every instruments is a unique creation, to ensure that no-one matches exactly anyone else’s sound. No matter how hard they may try, it’s impossible!

We are all tiny particles of a vast whole, and the functioning of one is as important as that of all the others for the wellbeing of the whole. Every single one is rare and precious in the eyes of the One who created us. And whatever we imagine this being to be, even the greatest sceptic is bound to admit that we and our world cannot have appeared out of nowhere. Our Creator holds the Great Plan of life in His/Her loving hands and designed us to be exactly the way we are.

We are not some kind of a random and haphazard appearance or cosmic joke. We are in this life so that we may learn to love, appreciate and accept ourselves, just the way we are, because that is the way the Great White Spirit, who is our true Father/Mother, loves us and wants us to be. We all contain the seed of perfection, but all we have to do is give of the best we are capable of. Doing this in all situations, we gradually bring forth ever more of our Divine qualities from within the very core of our own being.

Wherever we may find ourselves, we are always at the right time in the right spot. We are there so that we can do our share of making our planet a better, happier, more peaceful and beautiful place for all its inhabitants, especially ourselves. Each one of us was created to fulfil one specific task on the Earth plane. Some kind of a job that can only be carried out by us and which is rightfully ours is waiting to be found by us. For this purpose it is essential that we follow the inner guidance that reveals itself to us through the world of our feelings and our natural inclinations. We have been granted the gift of another lifetime to dream and pursue our own dreams and not those of others, no matter how dear they may be to those around us – even our parents or grandparents.

To paraphrase a confirmation of the above that came to me in a White Eagle Teaching in Stella Polaris December 2010/January 2011 as part of ‘A Message of Love and Hope and Trust’: ‘Each one of you has their own special part to play in bringing greater light, i.e. spiritual understanding to your world. When you manifest and express God in everyday life and think of God in the innermost sanctuary of your heart, you radiate and bring God to the community in which you live. As your responsibility towards the people you serve increases, the wisdom and knowledge you will be allowed access to does the same. God is with you and you are instruments and channels of the blessing and healing power of its Divine and infinite spirit.’

Extract from You Are Special

* * *
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