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My sympathies! I get the feeling. If I am not surrounded by it (eg. stay at home) I do ok. During school I almost invariably gain weight due all the delicious dangerous empty-calorie food items in the stores and cafes in the vicinity. My BMI atm is just in the healthy range, but knowing my moth-like tendencies towards snacks that will change in a few months. What has been helping me with keeping my weight down is exercise. Doesn't need to be everyday, doesn't need to be strenuous, but just enough that you feel a little hot and out of breath.

In class today we were talking about how over a quarter of the student population either has Low Food Security or Very Low Food Security where it's a choice between either college tuition or food. And here I am eating snacks fairly often :(.

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Sigh. I can't be 'normal' whatever that means.
It's either eat a box of cookies or eat none, there isn't the in between.
So yeah, annoyed about it and not quite sure what to do.


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I keep having "this isn't just me??" moments on this site. The "not anorexic but obsessed with weight," I eat only sweets or nothing, and the bones... When the bones inimy chest started showing I was so proud of myself! But I LOVE food. I eat all the time or not at all.
You made me feel a little less fucked up. Thank you. I wish I had something Actually helpful to say to you. The closest thing I have to a wellness plan right now is the sentence, "Future you is probably already diabetic, and only you can help."

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