Foods that aggravate depression

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  1. Sardaukar

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    Some forms of depression can be caused by food allergies, and some foods can aggravate existing depression. About a year ago I changed the way I ate, and i can honestly say it saved my life, whether this is a good thing or not is debatable. Anyhoo here is the list of filthy mind poison to avoid:

    refined carbohydrates: ie white bread, croissants and bagels
    refined sugar (POISON) - use xylitol instead
    fatty foods
    saturated fats ie red meat

    anything that causes sudden spikes in blood sugar levels can create sudden mood swings ie if you suddenly start crying for no reason, then feel fine a few minutes later, plus this damages your arteries.

    remember you are what you eat, if you eat kak you will feel kak!
  2. Bluey

    Bluey Active Member

    I have been to day looking at my diet.
    I am in no need of losing any weight mind you. I could even do with gaining some.
    But I get clogged up a lot and struggle to go as I should.
    Hope that's not to much INFO right there. I put it has delicately has I could.

    But when I get like this it makes me feel crap and gets me really feeling down.
    I have been to day and it is amazing how much better it makes you feel.
    It is an on going thing with me and I do try and eat veg everyday. Some times fruit. But I absolutely agree what you eat can make a massive difference in how you feel.
  3. Sardaukar

    Sardaukar Well-Known Member

    eish, not enough fibre in your diet, you need at least 35 grams fibre for good health.

    eat more brown rice, beans, grains, oats, vegetables and drink at least eight glasses of water a day and you should be fine in no time
  4. Bluey

    Bluey Active Member

    Here's the thing. I have weetabix nearly every morning.

    I would agree that I am probably a bit of the recommended amount of water that I should drink but then I never relay drank that much ever.
    This is where you may think I am weird. If I drink even water say 3 hours be for I go bed then am not able to sleep. its not so much having to get out of bed to pee. but just not able to sleep. And even if I do and Ive drunk to much fluids be for bed I wake up feeling like Ive had a skin full of beer. Which I very really do. IDK if having just one kidney has anything to do with any of this. I was born with just the one and its never gave me a problem but I did read some place that ppl that only have the one should eat moor fiber.

    But ye I do think a lot of the time its this that's making me feel bad. And I mean like for the last 2 days be for this morning I just feel like there no pint in anything. But it passers and it always seems to coincide to going to the low.
  5. ExtraSoap

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    but alcohol makes me feel awesome...
    Vodka, especially :D
  6. Bluey

    Bluey Active Member

    I don't tend to drink alcohol. Every time I have done so it just made me feel 10X worse. And there is just something sad about drinking alone.

    Would be good if anyone could give me some advice about what I should be eating.

    I am eating moor fruit and fiber but I still feel bloated a lot.
  7. GreySand

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    That's all I eat. If I cut all that out Then I would feel worse, there would be no joy what so ever in eating
  8. Mr Stewart

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    Bland food. Doesn't matter what kind. When the world is grey and my head is grey and everything loses appeal, eating mediocre tasting food just brings it down an extra notch further. When I am feeling particularly bad I will try to eat spicy food. More spicy than I usually do. Food may lose taste during those times but at least I can feel it burning a bit. Good to feel something at least. If it makes your eyes water and sweat and picks up your heart rate a little bit, all the better.
  9. Sadeyes

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    The Omegas are also very, green leafy foods, some beans, etc. Some people recommend gluten free diet as well

    I have followed a diet simliar to this one for a while and have felt better. Not sure if it a halo effect, but I really dont care:
  10. gloomy

    gloomy Account Closed

    I think sugary or fatty foods are the ones that make me crash the most… high sodium/cholesterol makes my anxiety skyrocket.

    Also-- if you're eating fiber and still not feeling the effects, it could be because something else that you're eating is canceling it out.
  11. TXJoe33

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    Foods high in sugar.
  12. SaraRose

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    One thing that I found. I have to eat an almost MSG-free diet (I do slip up and eat it every now and then) for migraines and I found when I say 'screw you MSG free stuff!' and eat the foods that are not allowed I actually will have my depression get worse.

    I'm not sure if that was mentioned yet but I've seen on MSG-free boards about how this is common.
  13. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I eat everything on the list! No wonder I'm so depressed :unsure:
  14. Tmacster1

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    I eat all the foods on that list... Hmm... but I can't function without my morning coffee because I don't get good sleep at night.