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    i absolutely hate make me feel like i was 5 again. i thought we were getting back on track, normal, or atleast as normal as we can be. sorry if my being 'dumped' on you is an inconvenience right now but there is no way i'm going back to the dump i was first put in. no way.

    why do you make me feel like im 5? why do you have to intimidate me? and why can't you accept that i'll hit back now? you came at me because you had a tiny fucking scrape on your arm from where i pushed you out of my door, you've done a hell of a lot worse to me!!

    i don't need you telling me what the fuck to do, i can do it myself. i can do my own cooking (badly but i can still do it!), i can do my own washing, i can look after my own room, i even look after the fucking flat! i even look after theo yet you seem to think i can't. the reason why i don't do what you tell me to do, such as clean my bedroom is because i'm not a fucking idiot! i know when its messy, i know when to clean it up, you only tell me to do it because you think i'm 'lazy'!!

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    :hug: :hug:
    Beaks :sad:

    You know how to reach me..
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    <33Rachel :unsure:
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    :hug: j you know where to reach me if you want to talk :hug:
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    :hug: Beak. I'm sorry you're dad is doing this to you and treating you so poorly. I hope in time you can get out of there as much as you care for Theo you need to find a place for you and only you.

    I'm around if needed
  6. Terry

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    Beak :hug: ......sets up cooking lessons and explains poisoning techniques :dry:
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    Beaks :hug: you know where i am if you need a chat. I'm always happy to listen. Glad you went to bed in the end :tongue: good luck with Theo tomorrow :tongue: :laugh: :hiding: