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Foolish really

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I have known for a very long time ( decades in fact ) that my life would probably end through suicide – however, now that I have finally found a palatable, simple, safe and painless way to do it, ( and am ready to go ), I am now getting very stressed out over the potential negative impact of my decision on family members who will survive me!

Although I do not personally fear dying, I did not anticipate that this wrinkle would become so intrusive – and in particular, I am very concerned that my young nieces and nephews might not have the maturity to understand that my decision was in fact appropriate.

It’s odd, but maybe not, that I suddenly have so much I want to tell them, and yet because of dysfunctional family dynamics it cannot be done easily – if at all.

As I live alone and have over the years withdrawn from regular contact with family and friends, I have had to rely upon my own counsel in most matters, and given that I am about to end my life, I suspect a second opinion would be prudent …any suggestions?
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