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  1. Scars and Memories

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    This poem is dedicated to my ex-girlfriend Amy, she broke up with me almost half a year ago but I still love her.

    I miss the only girlfriend that I ever had,
    if she only knew how many tears I've shed
    while laying on my bed, my head burried in my pillow wishing I was dead
    maybe she would care, but no I don't think so,
    my misery used to make her sick so

    I wish I never met her, my life would have been better
    I just want to forget her, that's all that truly matters
    But at the same time I love you, I can't get enough of you,
    I want to make love to you..

    I really don't care about anyone in the world
    except you my girl you're my pearl in a shell
    far away in the sea.... I need you, but oh well..
    You left me so confused and heart broken,
    after you left me no words were ever spoken

    my life is torn apart, scars are scattered around my heart
    Without you my life sucks hard, you really caught me here off guard
    Tears are falling from my eyes, I'm crying like a baby,
    hoping that maybe one day it will be the way it used to be

    But it will never be the same again...

    Lol sorry if it sucked, it's 1 AM and I have no inspiration:huh:
    And no, you can't get your 2 minutes back:wink:
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    Im here if you need to talk!
  3. canis-lupis

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    I'm feeling that. powerful , you shouldnt be so self depracating

    If I am online then I am free to chat
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