For anyone feeling they are not good enough or have done wrong

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    Debilitating Self-Concepts, Like ALL Self-Concepts, Aren't Real
    The essential realization that we all eventually come to in our healing is that the core belief of being inherently bad and having done something wrong is COMPLETELY untrue. Here is the truth:

    You've never been bad. Neither has anyone else. We are pure consciousness, alive, conscious Being-ness, manifesting in a myriad of forms, each of us playing out a role in this amazing dance of life.

    We are all somewhere in the process of awakening to the truth of Being. In the meantime, we believe we are these bodies, emotions, our concepts, beliefs and thoughts about ourselves and each other.

    While we believe that is what we are, we are in a constant state of reaching for what we think will help us and pushing away everything we think will hurt or take something away from us.

    Everything that anyone has ever done has always been an attempt to take care of themselves with whatever inner resources they were aware of at the time.

    Generally, we are conditioned to make ourselves and each other wrong. To heal, we must learn to experience ourselves as the pure consciousness we are. Then we begin to see that
    we are all actually the very SAME pure consciousness –unlimited, unconditional love.

    However, in this dream we tend to believe we are all separate characters. We dream up a multitude of experiences, all of which ultimately serve in our awakening FROM the dream.

    And there is no judgment in any of it.
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