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Who you are has nothing to do with what people say or think about you. They say, words can save and words can destroy. No. It is your thoughts. When your thoughts are sound all battles are already won.​

Someone's opinion wouldn't mean anything to you If you yourself already wasn't thinking that about yourself. It's not about what they say, it's not about them. What goes on in your head is all about you. It's about what you believe to be true about you. If you believe that you are worthless and a mistake, it will hurt like hell when someone calls you that. If you believe that you are amazing, and someone calls you a mistake, you won't care. You won't care at all.
So is it our programed beliefs hurting us? Or is it strangers opinions?
We spend so much time worrying about how we present ourselves... but honestly, we spend most of our time around strangers who we don't even care for... Needless to say, none of these strangers, or friends, or family have any authority over you. We all are born into this world with equal rights and potential to be amazing, to love and to do great things. But along the way we get infected. We get infected with a mind virus. At this time when everyone is worrying about covid, FORGET IT. And start paying attention to the real virus that has been affecting mankind for thousands of years. Trauma, self-hate, self-abandonment.

Don't abandon yourself, start loving yourself and heal.
I looked my fear in the eye and saw my own reflection.​

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