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For everyone here...

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I'm pretty new to this forum. I haven't known any of you for very long at all but you all have touched my heart. I'm staying here for the long run. If any of you ever need someone to talk to, just hit me up.

I want you to do something for me, today, or tomorrow, or one day this week. Tell your life and all it's bullshit it brings your way, that it can kiss your ass.

Go out and have fun for a change, go to the mall and go shopping, or get a friend and get drunk as hell, pull a funny prank on someone and get a good laugh at their expense,, go swimming, get a massage, do something positive for yourself for a change, and come back and tell me how it went.

I'm going tanning today, going to try to get some exercise in, and going to the mall, abercrombie & pacsun, and get some cute clothes. So I hope the rest of you can enjoy your day too. Go have some fun !!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let the depression win.


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And the same to you, too, cutiepie132! :hug: I love the spirit in this post of yours!

Thanks a bunch for the well wishes! Lots of us sure could use it! :D

Best regards,



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I ended up at the doctor, lucky me.. Wasn't expecting that but they gave me an appt the same day I called, and I had to go. But I enjoyed a pineapple mango smoothie from Mcdonald's on the way home.. But the strawberry mango's from Taco Bell, 100% better.. :smile:

Your welcome!!!

And you can tan. I burn easily too (blonde hair/fair skin/freckles), I think I'm type 1. The beds I use are for 12 minutes, in the month and half I've been going, I haven't been able to work my way up to that, but I have managed to do 10 minutes 4-5 days a week without any problems, and I am starting to get some color on my skin. You just have to gradually work your way up. Doing it slowly is the trick behind that.
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Haha!, I really can't tan. God, I'm nearly as pale as that wrestler Seamus.
A fellow irishman aswell. Just be careful when your tanning, especially on a sunbed.


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Some of my ancestors were from Ireland. Most of my family, redheads, I got my blonde hair from my dad, my son has the mixture of it, strawberry blonde. I cannot go out in natural sunlight & stay long due to too many reasons to list, my vitamin D was almost nothing, and pale, as a ghost. So if I can do it, you can too. lol. I bet it'll take 10 years though before I see a tan that is deep golden brown. And I know tanning beds can cause skin cancer, and I am sure I have twice the risk with the medications I'm taking, Imuran can cause cancer anyways, but .... this is something I always wanted to do, and never was able to, so I am going to keep on doing it. I'm sure that's no better of a choice than lighting a smoke 40 times a day but I'm going to keep on doing that too. It's too pleasurable to stop. I actually did for a year and that really sucked.


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Thanks for an uplifting message.

I'm going to buy some nice clothes tomorrow.

A haircut.

I got an offer of a few days in London - so I can see the riots. Riot tourism - sure, I'm Irish in part - I want to fight other men who are bigger than me.

Thanks for cheering me up! :smile:

Your a star cutiepie


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I think we all forget to treat ourselves well when we are feeling down...one thing I love is quilting...I sometimes have my friends save their children's baby clothes and make a quilt out of them...I also love to cook, write poetry and photoshop my pics...I am starting a quilt for a dear friend who is going through a hard time right now...I have assigned two other friends to collect the materials as I cannot get into many stores...I will see what they come up with...here's to doing something fun!
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