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Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by bigloozer, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Dear Dad,
    Happy Birthday you old fart. LOL You would have been the big 80 yrs of age today. I am celebrating for you. I miss you so much and I know a few others that do aswell. Wish we could have had nine holes, it's a beaut day today. I really miss our laughter and our cuddles. It's taken nearly four years but I played the keyboard you gave me and lost a few hours. I could hardly see the music I was balling so much. I know I know you would say "What are you Laughin about" and I know you didnt want us to cry but we cant help it we love you and miss you.
    I think of my kids too, i miss them too. I miss seeing you play with them and you cuddling them too. It was almost as if you gave up once they had died, Mum is struggling without you, I hope you will be there to pick her up when her time comes.
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    Hi, I'm so sorry that you're missing your Dad. What is wonderful is that you obviously loved each other. Even though you cried while you were playing the keyboard, it was a way to honor your father. Maybe playing it could be part of your healing? Time will help, too. I'm thinking of you.
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    Your dad sounds like he was a wonderful and important part of your life. It is good you have those positive happy memories to look back on. It is okay to miss him and cry over your loss. Remember it is ourselves we cry for. You need to be allowed to mourn and grieve in your own way. Sometimes it comes through laughter and sometimes tears. Death is a difficult part of the life process. There is such a void for those left living. Nothing can replace it, but eventually it doesn't hurt quite as much. Those happy memories come back more often and the tears a little less. I know your dad would understand the tears by the way you write about him. Celebrate his life by creating happy memories for those you will someday leave behind.