for my 'friend'

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  1. Goodbye, my friend,
    you were, but now that is at end,
    for all those promises,
    officially broken,
    for all those times,
    that we spoken,
    the care, the love, you said you felt,
    friendship, siblingship,
    gone forever,
    and now I sit,
    here alone,
    once again,
    for all those times,
    that we fought,
    but when I was in need for help or support,
    from you it was saught,
    those times I yelled,
    but you held,
    my hand, through it all,
    you stood tall,
    as did I,
    but those times,
    we fell,
    we picked each other, back up again,
    and for the times we laughed,
    for the times we cried,
    for the times we argued,
    for the times we really didn't want to live,
    we tried,
    they've disappeared now,
    I no longer have you,
    so this poem I type,
    this poem I write,
    I apologize,
    you don't have to respond,
    but just know,
    I miss the bond,
    that we once had,
    down the drain now,
    I lost it, my fault,
    just know I already miss you,
    I still care about you,
    still love you too,
    but now that our bond has broken,
    our string to each other has shattered,
    we were hanging on by a thin rope,
    but I let it break,
    I didn't help, no,
    bad friend I was,
    didn't deserve you,
    from the moment our friendship began,
    so now, these tears crawling down my cheeks,
    as my eyes leak,
    I miss you,
    still caring, still loving,
    though, I've nothing,
    nothing to hang onto anymore,
    so I open the door,
    the door to death,
    offering myself,
    at last.
    Giving up,
    fading slowly,
    painfully, suffering,
    for now, I live,
    not for long,
    I will soon be gone,
    take care of yourself,
    you have helped,
    more than anyone else,
    but now you have vanished,
    our teather of holding on,
    it has broken,
    it has gone,
    and I am so sorry,
    for what I've done,
    I am so sorry,
    for ruining you too,
    I am so sorry,
    goodbye to you.
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