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    Hi there! Glad you’ve joined Suicide Forum (SF), and that you’re here for support in your hours of darkness.

    This thread is for you, to show you how SF works, and how to use the forum’s functions.

    #1 The Rules and Staff
    #2 The Navigation Bar, Your User Control Panel and Your Profile Page
    #3 Using the forum - Sections, Threads and Posts
    #4 The Chatroom
    #5 The Games Arcade

    If anyone wants anything else added, be it more images to show how to get to certain features, or about a section of the forum that I haven't covered here, then please PM me - I won't bite, I'm a friendly soul!
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    The Rules and Staff

    The Rules

    Please read the rules of SF before you post or go into chat. You can see the rules by clicking here.

    Staff members are here to help you and keep the forum and chat safe.
    These are divided into:
    • Chat Monitors
    • Moderators
    • Senior Moderators
    • Administrators
    A detailed guide as to what these titles mean, is provided here.
    You can see which members of staff are online by clicking here.
    If you have a problem of any kind on here, please don’t hesitate to PM a member of staff who will then deal with the issue.

    There is also a ‘Letters to Management’ section, in which you can post your problems / complaints about SF, and a member of staff will respond.
    Note that only you and staff will be able to see what you have posted. Other members can only see their own threads, not anyone else’s.

    There is a set of Frequently Asked Questions that are viewable by clicking here.
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    The Quick Link Bar / Your User CP / Your Profile Page

    The Navigation Bar / Your User CP / Your Profile Page

    The Navigation Bar

    At the top of the forum, there is a navigation bar. This has useful links to various bits of the forum for you.
    There are many options:

    'User CP'
    This will allow you to access your own User CP (User Control Panel). See the section below in this post, for a more detailed explanation of it.

    This allows you to see which user has posted in which thread, interactively and in real time.

    FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. If you click on this link, it'll bring up information for the users of SF such as the rules and guidelines, and also more general FAQs about vBulletin, the forum software providers.

    This provides you with useful links about the site as a whole:
    • Social Groups: This shows you the member created social groups
    • Contacts & Friends: This will bring up your contacts and friends list
    • Member List: This brings up a list of all the current members of the forum

    This brings up a calendar, consisting mainly of members' birthdays (if they have the 'Display Birthday' option enabled in their profile), and certain events such as 'MIND Mental Health Week' etc.

    This will open the games arcade.

    'New Posts'
    This will show all of the posts that have been posted since you last logged in.

    If you click on this, you can type in the box that appears, and choose it to search either posts or threads. There is an advanced search, in which you can specify more options. You can also see any threads with no replies here - there is an 'Unanswered Threads' tab.

    'Quick Links'
    This menu provides you with many different areas that you may wish to access:

    Quick Links
    • View Today's Posts: This allows you to view the posts that have been posted since the start of the day
    • Mark Forums Read: This will mark all the forums that you have visited. To turn this option off, click it a second time.
    • Open Contacts Popup: This will display all contacts that you have in your contacts section in your profile (see 'User CP', below), and tell you if they're online or not.

    • Contacts & Friends: This displays the 'Contacts & Friends' page in your User CP.
    • Social Groups: This displays the Social Groups that SF has, created by various members.

    User Control Panel
    • Edit Signature: This will allow you to edit your signature, which seen at the bottom of your posts.
    • Edit Details: This will allow you to edit various details of your profile, such as your e-mail or password, date of birth, and you can add your various IM usernames if you wish.
    • Edit Options: Here you can edit various selections and options in your profile, such as whether you are invisible to other members, who you can receive e-mails from and what your time zone is.

    • Private Messages: This will take you to your Private Message inbox.
    • Subscribed threads: This will take you to your subscribed threads folder. You can select whether you wish to subscribe to threads automatically or not, in your User CP settings (see below).
    • Your Profile: This will take you to how your profile looks to others.
    • Who's Online: This will show you who is online at the current time.

    'Chat Room'
    Here, you can either enter the Chat Room with it in the centre of your screen, enter the Chat Room so you can move it about ('float') or see who's chatting.

    'Log Out'
    Log out here. It is recommended that you do this at the end of each visit to the forum, as that way, any family member / stranger walking by (if you share a computer) won't be able to see your account and it's details / posts etc. Also, see here for details.

    Your User CP

    On the top left of the forum, there is a link to your User CP (Control Panel).

    It can also be accessed by clicking on your username, in the top right of the forum by the 'Private Messages' link. Clicking either of these will enable you to change various aspects of your profile, such as your signature, avatar, and other functions.
    When you have a notification (such as a Friend request), it will change to a list of possible notifications.
    If you click on which notification you want to view / accept, it will take you to the relevant area of your profile.
    There is also a mood selector - to select a mood, click on 'click here to change', and a list of images will appear. To set a mood, simply click on it and it will then appear on your profile page for you and others to see, and above each post you make. To select no mood, click on 'Reset'.

    Your Control Panel
    There are sections of your profile which you can change and adapt.
    These are outlined below:

    Your Profile

    'Edit Your Details'
    Here, you can edit details of your profile, such as your e-mail and password, your date of birth and your privacy settings for this, your website URL and IM names (if you wish to include any), and also your location, hobbies etc.

    'Profile Privacy'
    There are options for displaying various aspects of your profile page, here. You can allow 'Everyone', 'Registered Members', 'Your Contacts', or 'Your Friends' to view each option.

    'Edit Profile Picture'
    On SF, you can have a small profile picture, which will be displayed in addition to your avatar when people view your profile. It should either be uploaded from a photo-hosting such as or, or from your own computer.

    On SF, we have a 'Networking' section, where you can add 'Friends', leave 'Visitor Messages' and join member created 'Social Groups'

    'Contacts & Friends'
    Here you can see your friends, and add or delete contacts / friends as you see fit. Follow the instructions to add contacts or friends, which are at the bottom of the 'Contacts & Friends' page.

    'Social Groups'
    Here, you can view and join the Social Groups on SF, created by various members. To join one, click on it, which will bring up an overview screen of the members that have already joined, and click ''Join Group''.

    Settings and Options

    ‘Edit Avatar’
    An avatar is a small picture (no larger than 100x100 pixels, or 58.6KB, whichever is smaller), that displays under your username. You can either select them from the forum’s vast collections, or upload one of your own from an image hosting site, such as or, or straight off your own computer.
    Please use common sense as to what avatar you pick – please don’t make it as something triggering or grotesque, as staff will remove it.
    Be aware that for anonymity reasons, members are not allowed to have pictures of themselves as an avatar.

    ‘Edit Signature’
    A signature is a piece of text that appears at the bottom of each post you make, and is shown if someone clicks on your user profile.
    If you click ‘Edit Signature’ in your User CP, you will be taken to a box in which you can type your signature.
    Once again, use common sense with what you put in your signature, such as no derogatory remarks about other members, or triggering comments and the like.
    Also note that images in signatures aren’t allowed, as they would take up too much space on the forum’s database. Emoticons are allowed, however.

    ‘Edit Email and Password’
    You can change your password and e-mail address for SF here.

    ‘Edit Options’
    You can select whether to appear invisible to members and if you want to receive e-mail messages from just Administrators, or also from other members too. The options to enable Private Messaging, and whether to show any avatars, signatures or images can also be selected.
    E-mailing can be controlled from here: whether you get e-mailed when you have a new Private Message, Friendship request, and also Visitor Messaging can be turned on / off here.
    There is a panic button, which can be turned on / off here. If it is set to 'ON', a web address that it will jump to, needs to be inserted before 'Save' is pressed, otherwise an error will come up. It will appear next to where the 'Quote' / 'Reply' buttons are, when set to 'ON'.

    'Edit Ignore List'
    At times, a member may trigger you by their words / actions. If you wish to not see their posts or PMs, then enter a member name into this box. Follow the instructions on the page to unignore.

    Private Messages
    Private Messages (commonly abbreviated to ‘PM’, or ‘PMs’), are messages that only you can see. It is the equivalent to an internal e-mail system. You can PM any member on the forum, as long as they have Private Messages enabled.
    You have two ways of accessing your PMs:
    • Clicking User CP > List Messages
    • Clicking on the 'Private Messages' link

    If you feel a PM is inappropriate, you can press the 'Report' button - [​IMG]. An e-mail will be sent to all staff, who will then deal with the problem.

    ‘List Messages’
    This has the same effect as clicking on the ‘Private Messages’ link. It takes you to your inbox.

    ‘Send New Message’
    This will take you to a blank box, allowing you to put in the recipient’s member name, subject, and your message.
    You can send a PM to a maximum of 5 members at any one time. The names should be separated by a semi-colon, e.g.: MemberA; MemberB; etc.

    ‘Track Messages’
    This allows you to track your PMs. You can specify this by clicking on ‘Request Read Receipt’, and it will tell you if the member has read the message or not.

    ‘Edit Folders’
    This will add custom folders to your PM area.

    Subscribed Threads

    A subscribed thread is one which you will get e-mail updates to, if anyone replies to it. The updates will be sent to the e-mail address you entered when you registered.

    ‘List Subscriptions’
    This lists all the threads that you are subscribed to. You can change the subscription settings in the section in ‘Edit Options’, named Default Thread Subscription Mode.

    ‘Edit Folders’
    This will add custom folders to your Subscribed Threads area.


    ‘Event Reminders’
    These are not active on SF.

    You can upload attachments to posts you make in the 'Member's Artistic Creations', and 'The Coffee House' sections.
    Also, click here for an Image Attachment FAQ.

    Your Profile Page

    To view your profile as others see it, then click on your username in the top right corner of the forum.

    You will see tabs:

    'Visitor Messages'
    Members have the chance to leave you a public message if they so wish. You can see them here. You can disable this feature in the 'Edit Options' section of your profile.

    'About Me'
    You can edit various details of yourself here: Biography, Location, Interests and Occupation. You can also edit these by using the 'Edit Details' link in your Control Panel. All members will see is what you have filled in. It also displays your signature.

    This will display the total number of posts you have, your posts per day, and members have the option of viewing your posts / threads.
    Members can also see your visitor messages and leave you one if they wish.
    It will also show your general information, such as when you joined, and your last and current activity.

    This shows your friends.

    'Contact Info'
    This will allow members to send various messages to you, either via a Visitor Message, a PM or an E-mail - if you have these enabled.

    At the side, it will also show you:
    • Mini Statistics - the join date and total number of posts
    • Friends - shows your friends
    • Group Membership - shows the groups you are a member of (Social Groups)
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    Using the forum - Sections, Threads and Posts

    Using the forum – Sections, Threads and Posts

    There are sections the forum is divided up in to, that range from News & Announcements, to Welcome, to Suicide / Depression / Self Harm , to the Coffee House in which you can relax. If you're not sure which section a thread should go into, then don't worry - just post where you think it should go, and if a member of staff feels it is obviously in the wrong place (eg - a thread posting about your depression in the Coffee House), you'll be PM'd as to where it's been moved to.

    A thread is a set of posts on a specific topic within a section – i.e. “I am new here”, in the Welcome section.
    A post is an entry in that thread.

    To create a new thread:
    Go to the section you want to post the thread in, i.e. - The Coffee House, and click on the ‘New Thread’ button, type in a subject, type your message and click ‘Submit’.

    To post in a thread:
    Either click the ‘Post Reply’ button, or click the ‘Quick Reply’ button. The advantage of the ‘Quick Reply’ button is that you can keep the thread in view, so you don’t lose track of what you wanted to say. The Quick Reply button is the one on the very right.

    To highlight a point of a long post that you wanted to reply to, you can click the ‘Quote’ button on it, and this will make a new reply box come up, with the whole post that you wanted to comment on, in it. You can edit the post down to just what you wanted to reply to, and then post your own reply beneath it.

    The Panic Button:
    A panic button has been installed which enables members, if they wish, to have a button at the bottom of each post on the forum, that they can click to take them away from SF, in case a parent or co-worker etc, comes by when you are browsing the forum. To set it up, view the 'Your User CP' section of the post above.

    Inappropriate posts:
    If you feel a post is inappropriate, and needs to be edited, deleted or changed in some way, you can press the 'Report' button - [​IMG]. You will be prompted to fill in a reason why you've reported the post, and an e-mail will be sent to each staff member, who can then deal with the problem.

    Codes to change the appearance of your posts:
    This forum uses vB code, which is very simple to use. All you have to do is put the text that you want to embolden, underline etc, between the two letters in brackets.

    To learn more about vB code and how to use it, click here.
    Note that the use of HTML and PHP code is turned off for SF.

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    As well as the rules FAQ, there is another FAQ, answering questions that we commonly get asked, such as 'How do I change my name?', 'Why has my post count gone down?' etc. You can find this here.
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    The Chatroom

    The Chatroom

    SF has its own chatroom. It can be accessed either by clicking on the ‘Chat Room’ link at the top, or on the link at the top in the ‘Handy Links’ section. Please read the rules before you enter chat. Click here to see the Chat Rules.
    If you wish to enter chat without it saying ''Suicide Forum'' at the top, then you can enter by this link.

    If you have an issue in Chat, please note that: Forum Staff are green, and Chat Monitors are red. Either can be consulted about a problem in chat, but only the Forum Staff have powers to edit / delete threads etc, on the forum.

    If you have any problems with Chat, please see this thread, or if that doesn't help, post in the Troubleshooting section.

    There are many subrooms in chat for you to use:
    • Welcome Room - This is the room you will automatically log into when you come into chat. New members will be greeted here, but this room is just a stopping ground where you can pick which of the other rooms you want to go into.
    • Main Chat - This is our main chat room. Chatting can be quite fast at times in this room.
    • Quiet Place - as the name suggests, a quiet place to relax
    • Staff Room - for staff only
    • Triggering Subjects - enter here if you wish to talk about things that will potentially trigger / upset members

    There are also commands that you can type in, in the blue box where you would normally type your messages. These are:
    • /a (message) - creates a message after your name
    • /clign - this clears your ignore list for members you may have ignored in chat
    • /help - this brings up the Help and Commands list
    • /ignore (username) - allows you to ignore a user
    • /info - gives you the program name and version of it
    • /join (room name) (password) - allows you to join a subroom
    • /msg (username) - sends a private message
    • /ping - checks server ping response time
    • /whereis (username) - checks where a user is in the chat
    • /whoami - shows you your username

    Note that after 30 minutes of inactivity, you will be automatically kicked from the chatroom. All you need to do is type anything - be it a letter to simply . - for the chatroom to still see that you're active.
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    Games Arcade

    The Games Arcade

    SF has a games arcade, which can be useful when you feel that distraction would be a relief, or just because you’re bored and want something to do!

    Newest games appear at the side. To see all the games available - currently around 100 - scroll down the screen. Click on them to start playing.
    Highscores will appear in the box in the middle of the screen.
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    need help getting java to 'plug in.' can you suggest anything? already updated thru the forum icon thing. thank you. stephanie
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    Re: The Quick Link Bar / Your User CP / Your Profile Page

    Thanks for posting, Kathy
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    Honestly, this site is way too hard to navigate. I was hoping for help, but this is fucking rediculous.
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    Jon, sorry you're having trouble navigating the site. Will PM you to see if there's any way I can help.
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    Re: The Quick Link Bar / Your User CP / Your Profile Page

    Hey! Marie here! :)
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    Re: The Quick Link Bar / Your User CP / Your Profile Page

    Hi Marie. Feel free to post a thread in the welcome new members forum. We would like to get to know you better :)
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    Hello everyone I'm new to this &&& not quite sure how this works?
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    Hi, im lost. I put up a topic. Im done now. I cant find it. I reached out.
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