For Once Just Let It Be About Me

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by fromthatshow, May 5, 2009.

  1. fromthatshow

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    Your words are so hollow. For once let it be about me. Don't say a fucking word, just let me cry on your shoulder. There are a couple who I can call who understand, but they are unreliable. I met a girl who I like a lot who understands, but things are fresh, I can't cry with her yet.

    I want a friend to be there. And let it just fucking be about me. Let me cry. I don't want to hear any encouraging words, because they just dig the dagger deeper into my heart. Nothing you can say or do will make anything of a difference. I just want you there! I just want to cry! Please just stroke my hair while I cry. I need you. I just need someone to cry on!

    I cried my fucking eyes out in front of my family. Two sets of eyes with no understanding. Let it be about me. Don't speak. Don't speak. Let it be about me!
  2. BioHomocide

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    Wow I know how this feels.... people think that saying everything will get better or trying to encourage you will make everything change..... but it doesn't.

    Some people just can't understand that it's better to be quiet and listen then it is to be loud and dominating. Some people just feel awkward in these types of situations and feel they must contribute in some way and it's annoying at times.

    I'm so sorry you feel the way you do.... but it's better to cry then pretend like nothing is wrong. People just don't understand...... sometimes no one can understand.

    :hug: I hope you feel better, and find someone who can understand you.
  3. fromthatshow

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    Thank you Darrell. Well crying is not the problem. I love crying. I think you described the problem well.

    This is my family. This is some of my friends. You got it.

    But they sometimes complain about the girls I hang out with. If this girl is on drugs/suicidal/whatever, how will this help you... blah blah. Well they fucking understand! They know what I'm going through, and I'm so at ease to be around someone who I can talk about it with. My parents seem to think that I just talk and glorify suicide with these people but I don't. We just bring it up in conversation like anything else, and it's good to get it out, and we have fun! We don't just sit around, take drugs and wish we were dead. We fucking talk! And I fucking cry. And I hang out with them because they understand! And are going through it too.
  4. WildCherry

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    Just wanted you to know I read your post. Here if you ever need someone to talk to.
  5. fromthatshow

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    Thanks Alison :heart:
  6. ~Claire

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    :hugtackles: xx
  7. nagisa

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    :cuddle2: I'm around if you need to talk.
  8. Stranger1

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    Here to offer any help I can, if you need to talk I will listen..
  9. fromthatshow

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    I'm going to take you guys up on your offer to talk :laugh:.
    I know I always offer help and I don't get many pms but I kind of feel lonely and with no one to talk to one of you will be getting a pm :laugh: :grouphug:
  10. Petal

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    Im here for you too hun :arms:
  11. fromthatshow

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    thank you Lynn :wub:
  12. Samsara

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    Here I am :)