For The Critics In Our Lives

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  1. (sarcasm is a special gift if used correctly)
    Me Da was very emotionally and verbally abusive - bitter and cruel - still, I managed to get "a funny" in - and of course I never read this to him.
    Feel free to insert your favorite Judge into this poem...


    * * *

    You are right, and I am wrong.
    Why did it take me oh so long
    To come upon this realization ~
    (Must be my poor imagination)

    Everything I say and do
    Could better have been done by you
    Bless me, I don’t have your hindsight
    Of course, with that,
    How could you not be right?

    A thing to do should not have been started
    A thing to finish should've been left alone
    Right should be Left, and Left should be Right! (sigh)
    To all these transgressions I admit to, and moan:
    How I wish I were as perfect
    As your highest expectations
    But alas, it is my lot I see,
    To bear your constant lamentations
    All that you know and care to share
    Is surely for my own welfare!
    I know this, but it’s never enough
    Never measures up, never up to snuff

    In your ultimate wisdom, which you generously share,
    From the tiniest ways I conduct my affairs,
    To plans run foul of where YOU think I should be
    I know now it’s hopeless for me just to be me!

    My only wish is that in your greatness
    Your knowledge might only be matched with some patience
    And that you’d forgive me as I muddle along
    For you’re always right
    And I, always wrong…
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    wow great emotion to the poem...

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