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  1. Forgotten_Man

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    Why is it that so many people use my severe lacking of romantic experience for their own amusement? I have never understood what is so fucking amusing about it? Well no I can understand what is so amusing about it. I am 24 yet I have nothing to say in regards to that part of most peoples lives.

    This is brought on by the fact that my co-worker asked me how to seduce a man today. The hell if I know. For gods sake I had not been seduced or seduced anyone till the age of 22. And even then I do not understand the game of seduction so why would I know how to be seduced?

    It gets worse when those you speak to about such things think I am just being funny. When in all reality I am 100% serious. The only answer I could fucking muster up was "Be a female". Because in all reality I do not know. It was only after the 20th declaration of "Be a female" that my co-worker kind of believed me, but not really. I am pretty sure she just thought I am to shy to talk about certain things with other females. She probably thought it was cute that I was so very flustered and uncomfortable.

    Seriously why the fuck is it so amusing for people to believe that I do not know anything about that sort of thing. And it is not just limited to females. It is more than that in particular topic. Really anything a socially normal person should know I am used for amusement. I guess I can serve some purpose in this miserable life of mine. I can be amusing for how socially backwards I am.
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    No it is not nice they use you as such. I am sorry they torment you. I would just walk away when they start again just say too busy for such childish nonsense got work to do. Don't let them get to you they will grow up someday
  3. Forgotten_Man

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    Ha ha yeah it just never ends though. I am pretty sure that what they are doing falls under "Harassment". But seeing as I am a male any cries I make will fall on deaf ears.

    It happened again to day. But I guess I deserved it since I walked right into their questioning. Even still I know it is not going to stop. Hell one of my project manager tried to use the knowledge as leverage. She was like "We have to hold hands and talk about your girlfriend". What the fuck did I do to deserve this?
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    Haha. She feels superior, like the perfect example of how an adult "should be" in society. Good on her, good on her!
  5. Forgotten_Man

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    Ah yes how an adult should be. Another fucking thing I hate about this world. An adult should be someone who has normal human relationships. People who choose to walk a separate path are not really adults.