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tears and crying are not weakness!!!

whom ever first thought up this idea and fed it to ppl needs to be drug through a feild and shot to death, i have heard alot of ppl say how crying meens you are weak, well let me tell you some thing, it only meens, now listen closly this may be shocking, that you are.....human...not weak or vulnirable or any other negative adjective, you are just human and in pain and needing to release it, you are not weak you are not stupicd you are not any thing but human...if you dont like it, tough....if you think you are weak, you are wrong, deel with it, this is not opinion this is fact plane simple fact.....


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I agree! I often feel like i shouldn't cry and try to hold it back, but it doesn't work and it doesn't make me feel better at all. Crying is normal and perfectly ok to do. Doesn't mean it feels nice to cry.. but it can actually help sometimes to have a good cry. It doesn't make you weak.. although constant crying for weeks/months on end is a sure sign of depression and should be mentioned to your GP..

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