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For those who have been in the hospital

Hi....I keep saying that I should take myself to the hospital one of these days as I am flipping miserable most of the time. My question to those of you who have been hospitalized, what do they really do for you? I know that sounds like a stupid question but do they simply drug you up more than you already may be and send you on your way to eventually continue the battle? I am sure therapy is involved...but really what is done that could make a real difference in recovering once and for all? Thank you.

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From what I've head being hospitalized is truly a last resort. It will keep you from killing yourself and give you time (sometimes meds) to calm yourself down. But I would assume preventing the need for hospitalization (which is a possibility if you are on this forum rn) would be better for literally everyone.


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Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by therapy in hospital? I've never received therapy in an actual hospital, they refer you to therapy on an outpatient basis but I guess it can vary from place to place plus the waiting times are long and private therapy is an option.

what do they really do for you?
Literally keep you alive and safe, monitored and try and get you on the right combination of medication.

As the above poster said - hospitalisation really is a last resort for when you simply cannot guarantee your safety.

Most psych wards have a gym which is helpful. Other than that, they keep you in a routine, meal at x time, meds at x time, bed at x time.

I hope that answers your question.

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