For those who think God is going to help them

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by Rolo555, May 17, 2009.

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  1. Rolo555

    Rolo555 Well-Known Member

    I haven't posted here in a while, cause my life hasn't got to the point of leaving yet, as I was still hoping things will change.

    It really hasn't. And this world around me sucks and its either me leaving soon or me doing something bad.

    You see I'm not sure if God helps people like us on these forums, cause in the end it goes back to the same old shit. Therefore because of this, I dont think God has anything to do with helping people change their life around.

    Sure sometimes things may look like things are turning around, but something of of nowhere happens, and it returns to the same problems. Sick of people saying "Don't worry, God will answer you" .......... real easy for someone who doesnt have the same problems to say that.

    You see things like getting into a relationship really won't bother me but because going out the house to places like stores, work, movies, etc and seeing other people into relationships, good or bad .......... it starts to feel like Im out of place around people. So why I cant get the same life??? "Nah just be happy you are living. Know your role in life in which you have been given." some will say.

    You know maybe I would stay and life. But with the way the world is (broken relationships, people having kids out of wedlock, people with no jobs, murders, and other crazy shit) .......... maybe this world isn't a good place to stay alive.
  2. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    Well, I cetainly don't want to start a religious controversy, but if you depend on god to straighten things out, it could be a long wait.

    The world is a mess right now, even without our own problems thrown into the mix.

    Send me a private message if you wish, I repond to all and will try to help.

    If not, continue to post and/or vent if you want to. You can meet some interesting and caring people here.
  3. touglytobeloved

    touglytobeloved Well-Known Member

    God is man's creation, a part of our imagination. Some people just want to beleive that there is God and he will help them, but that will never happen, because there is no God. God is not more real than Santa. Santa is made so the kids can beleive in something, God is made so adults can beleive in something.
  4. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    That would be your opinion. And we dont want to open this into a religious debate that may trigger someone.
  5. KJAB

    KJAB Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Sorry, I know we don't want to open a religious debate but... I need a rant....

    Santa / God an inextricably linked. Exact same concept. This is the oldest debate obviously. I'm getting closer to believing eternity IS. And this is part of it. And it doesn't really matter. If we come back again, we won't remember this and there's a good chance we'll either be more suicidal and won't last as long, or be oblivious to pain and make a success of our lives like most people and therefore the question won't REALLY matter, because most people choose 'god' or 'santa' in a benign way. Santa won't help. Be he won't NOT help either. god / santa is simply "accepting". Accepting what we / you / they / us everything is. And that's easier if you are in the So then you don't need god's help.
  6. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    There are many people on this board that do have faith, and again we need to be careful and not post religious points of view. There is a place for that, but not in the suicide forum. THE LAST THING WE WANT TO DO, IS TRIGGER SOMEBODY!!!

    There I vented! I feel better! lol
  7. KJAB

    KJAB Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    THE LAST THING I WANT TO DO, IS TRIGGER SOMEBODY. I'm was simply saying I agree with original post. Off to find the theology forum... :)
  8. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Move this to the Soap Box, as it's a debatory topic.
  9. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Some people have gotten through very tough times supposedly due to the grace of God, or prayer to God. Whether it be that he is actually there or they just need this belief for comfort, it shouldn't matter. Whatever works.
  10. Bob26003

    Bob26003 Well-Known Member

    Even if you dont believe in a God or Gods or whatever.

    I think that just having faith is possibly beneficial psychologically and thus may help you through tough times.

  11. Zurkhardo

    Zurkhardo Well-Known Member

    The utilitarian logic of all this is simple:

    Whatever gets you through the day and makes you happy. Period.

    Whether it's faith or something secular and earthly, as long as it does no harm to yourself or others then what's the issue? As long as we feel fulfilled, happy, secure, and otherwise driven to live it shouldn't matter how or why.

    Back to Rolo: my friend, everyone has an interpretation of who God is and what ways he works. Real or not, the fact is that those who've told you to simply wait and listen were expressing their own take on God, likely from their own experiences. I've had Christians tell me just the opposite of what you were told.

    Since you are someone of faith (I presume) I'll speak on your terms: God has seemingly done nothing so far because maybe he wants you to help yourself. Maybe, in the end, there is something greater to be achieved from your perserverence than by him just bailing you out. Life is about struggle, and what we learn from that struggle--and how we feel when we get through it--is an unvaluable lesson and emotion.
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