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For young teens wanting to run away from home..

I do not know where to post this thread so i will post it here.. i know there are young teens out there like me wanting to run away from home bc of their families mostly... i have thought about running away several times because of my family and everything else that has went on in my life but now im having second thoughts.. and this is even concerning me.. please be careful or DO NOT even run away at all?!!? there are other options you can do instead of running away don't you know it is SO dangerous out there? you could get hurt, kidnapped, get lost, disappear never to be seen again, end up homeless or even worse than that.

I'll try to keep this as PG as possible but there are bad people out there online and in real life please think about what you are doing. think to yourself "ok if i run away or sneak out or any of the sorts is this a good thing or a bad thing" your answer should be "ok this is bad so i probably shouldnt run away at all because i am young and bad things could happen"

If you are being abused call your emergency telephone number or talk to a teacher or trusted adult or other family relative or you could talk to CPS.

If you are a young teen wanting to run away reading this, let me tell you about my mother, she was a runaway this all started before i was born when she was in high school she was hanging around horrible goth kids who told her she didnt need to listen to her parents so she started running away and doing horrible things. she would sneak out, get high with grown adult men, or even get drunk with grown adult men, she was jumping of off motorcycle's and hanging with all type of crazy people. Some incidents that happened well one time my mom was doing drugs with this crazy guy and my mom started running away the guy then told my grandfather to leave her alone when he NEVER knew her at all. my grandfather went to go chase after her and i dont know how the rest of the story goes i forgot but he definitely got her back home because of more incidents that happened. Another example of why you shouldnt run away is because you could end up doing drugs in the streets homeless. and i dont want for any of you guys..

Last year me myself actually tried running away from home in august 2019 i had snuck out bc of my family and when i got back bc i was too scared my aunt ratted out on me and i got in serious. why was i in trouble? Because i didn't think before i did it. You have to think before you do stuff. Action and reaction. Cause and effect. You really dont want to go the hard way route and besides even if you do run away there is a high chance you are gonna get caught by police and they are gonna take you back home.

I am sorry for the random post i say this because i am worried for the other teens on here wanting to run away from home like me althought i dont want to run away from home and niether should you. hopefully you guys will take this into consideration and talk to someone about whats going on a therapist even. Anyways that is all for today
this was just on my mind heavily so i thought i'd share it.. take care guys and hope you all have an amazing day.

~ Summer


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It doesn’t apply to me anymore, but I had wanted to run away from home when I was 12-13 years old (I’m 16 now). I wanted to run away because so thought I was too much of a burden for my parents. I nearly ran away when I was 13, too. I think that your post will definitely help someone think about their wish of wanting to run away. Sorry that I can’t add much, but I just wanted to say that I think your post would have helped me realize just how bad the idea of running away was.

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