Forced time

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    I just cant do this and fucking more having time forced upon you just because you are trapped in a body thst these devils with there sharp words that i cannot turn into knifes say is so important which i do not understand being encased in flesh i cannot get out of no matter how long these nails are then all the voicess inside this skull that nevvvverred stoopo they never hit bottom after falling like rocks through water there is just never a bottom!!!!!!
    All these sounds having to put the things i mean into dictionary words just so other "people" understand what sounds i am saying¡¡ letters and letters and more fucking letter that mean nothing screaming so loud that it feels like this neck is going to fracture into shards that wl come out of this mouth the same place that the pointkess words come out of that mean nothing
    its like this body is on a line attached by sharpened shrapnal with cable attached to a never stoping moving substancceee that that i cannot stoopp and i am trapped inside thatbody fracturing like glass then getting put back together by melting with the pressure of heat from rage!¡
    the typing it all here is just anoither actionn i go through ratheeer thand justt typyiong it to an peice of electronics that is not safe from all seeing eyesss the ones i draw see hear feel watching me

    then always hearing that i have to function function function function function its like they are saying make your prison cell look like tree so all you can do is fix yout arms and legs into a fixed position to have a chance of not getting "your" body bolted to a wall to look like a tree if i can put it in words
    i cant function anymore
    drawing what i need to sayk iis so much clloser with llines and shades of meaning and the hidden words
    like forced e.c.t that never stops

    if this post gets erased them at least read tge letters that make it
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    I am so sorry...your situation sounds so say, forced ECT...I presume you are getting your providers know your experiences and has the treatment been adjusted? Is there a way to talk to ppl here and review what treatments you have received and see if others have suggestions? Please PM me if you want to talk

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    Yeess forced e.c.t as in someone comes into your cell or a prison of a room and you dont no why they are there tgen the next thing you no a bed with restains comes in and you get strapped to it then get wheeled to a place trying to break free then you get there you are hooked up to machiens moisey loud big machiens lots of peopke vouices and all these devils lating then tightening there hands ongk the this body making you move only the way they want you to then comes the injection then the iv then_____________________ pain pain pain and undiscribable things feelings whatever the fucl the word feelings is even supposed to mean then it all start then ____________________......\\¡xxxxxx
    and then this fucking prison of a bodies eyes open abd i am just more consumed by the stuff this flesh is feeling after what they did and i cant speak or scream even hard to breath for this body because they put a breathing tube in and then took that out
    then_____________just_____more_______pain¡ and more_________