Forced to give up education/life as a bad mistake

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  1. Hello everybody, i write this post in a state of despair and in need of some sort of solace. Today i was informed that my time as a university student in Liverpool is over. I failed the first year comprehensibly and they have decided that i cannot return next year unless there are some personal mitigating circumstances for such a poor attendance and lack of work handed in, there aren't (unless unrelenting depression counts, however i doubt it very much and would never admit to such an affliction anyway)

    Anyone else been through something remotely similar? I need direction now, I've really no clue what a 19 year old, wannabe writer, scruffbag can do or put in to this world.

    oh and i'm fully aware it is my fault and deserve no sympathy, i have enough control of my body and mind to pass a first year at university. I am by no means looking to indulge in sympathy of others (i've inexplicably got enough from myself), i am just looking for guidance of some sort.
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    Why wouldn't you want to admit to depression? I think lots of schools are willing to work around that.

    If you're struggling so much and really don't know what to do, I think you should try to find the courage to get help. I know its hard, I let my pain worsen for years. I didn't get help until I was sure I would commit suicide if I didn't. A doctor, or even just a counselor, could do a lot for you. I don't think going to see someone about your problems is anything to be ashamed of. I have plenty of friends who regularly see a therapist and have perfectly "normal" mental health.

    If you don't want to tell the school about your depression, maybe you could go back to school at a different university after you've gotten help and are feeling better. I'm obviously not %100 by any means since I'm on this site (although the main reason I'm feeling so down is that I'm in between treatments), but professionals helped me enough so that I could have a steady job until I go back to school. Everybody suffers their own struggle in life, we're all human. And colleges deal with this kind of stuff all the time. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Depression can be cured.

    And to answer your question, I kind of went through a similar situation. My second year of college I had to finish the last semester early in 3 classes and failed to complete the last one, I was doing so bad and actually missed an entire week of school a little bit before finals (had to go home because I couldn't function or take care of myself really). I wasn't kicked out of the school because I filed for medical leave (I decided to see a counselor my last semester and she wrote me a note). But yes, my emotional troubles forced me to leave school.
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    Same kinda thing happened to me late in my first semester at college but I exited all the classes I missed and finished the one i actually was good at even while depressed (history).

    Life isn't over. Like 2nd poster said, other universities! Get those applications rolling and get yourself treated. Being able to say what you are and in front of people is half the battle of curing/treating a mental illness.