forcing medication onto a minor?

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  1. I'm considering inpatient treatment as a quarantine for everyone else from me... or a quarantine from everyone else for me...i think the latter is more appropriate. I dont believe it will help, but i belive it will make my family more aware that my "turn around" is solely my own masquerading...that i'm actually worse off than i've ever been. I belive them knowing this won't help anyone in the long run...but if i go ahead with my plans it will give them credibility that they at least tried to help me.

    can doctors,whether by they're own opinion or my parents/legal guardianship, force me to take medication during voluntary inpatient stay? I'm an adolescent if that makes a difference. Anyone know?

    Please, any info is appreciated. I'm a minor in Nevada.

    And when i'm discharged, if i'm discharged from the hospital, is refusal to take medication grounds to put someone back into an inpatient program?
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    I don't know if this will help, but when I was in an inpatient hospital, they did force one girl onto medicine. She was there involentarily, however.

    I think if you're there volentarily, and they realize that you're really bad off, they might say that you have to stay whether it's volentary or not...

    Anyway, if that's all okay with you, I wouldn't go to a hospital if you were totally against medicine.

    I hope everything turns out okay! :hug:
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    It is terrible when you are an "adolescent"...I have had meds forced on me from 15-17 because of my parents hospitalizing me and it was always sort of just throwing me in there. The last time though it was completely irrational, I had done absolutely nothing but gotten in a fight with my mom, and thought I had been recovering, wasn't taking meds- well they just sort of tore me down.
    Everyone did. And I recover on my own, so screw hospitals, I'm sorry but I've NEVER had a nice experience in a hospital.
    So YES they can, and I have refused and have been terrorized and threatened for it. I was put into the hospital for no reason- I wasn't suicidal, a threat or danger to anyone or myself, I had never done drugs, I had no reason other than this label hanging over my head. Do you know how insane that is? If you are labeled once then they can do anything they want to you and get away with it.
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    Yes, I'm pretty sure they can force you to take medication if you're in the hospital, voluntary or not.
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    They can force medication on you, whether you're involuntary or not. If you refuse to take it, they'll probably make you involuntary anyway. They're deceiving.

    But.. I can say that my hospital visit really did help me, even though it was rough at the time. Once I got out, I was so grateful to have my freedom back.