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Forever darkness

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Bad month all round, latest blood tests says I am serious ill. Doctors have no reason why I am ill again. Sunday nite did 13 sleeping tablets and was asleep for over 30 hours. Today I told my parents I no longer wish to live any more.And they are no longer caring about me and they want me gone.

I kind wanted to thank all the people that have given me advice on this website. And to wish all those in pain and hurting right now to find peace and happiness in their lives.

For me it is time to disappear and I hope I can get a UK section 2 and get admitted to a secure mental hospital and try and get the help I really need. If I survive a suicide attempt. My head is so messed up right now. Feel so alone and empty and my choices are very limited.


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Bfoxx go to A&E hun tell them how you feel. It sounds like you do have a desire to seek help if your attempt failed, tell them that. <3
Yeah I know what you are saying. But Hampshire NHS usually only will do things when you have actually done harm, Usually you get seen by a junior doctor who is more interested in getting through the number of patients rather than actual care. With previous experience. Action most def speaks louder than words.

I did have a care coordinator, that deals with my mental health problems I have asked to call me but he has not been in touch for several months and I am in so much mental pain.


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Can you not get admitted through your GP? I'm sure that he or she would be duty bound to get you admitted somewhere if you said you were so desperate you were thinking of attempting suicide to get help.

Don't harm yourself and leave scars.

As for blood tests and serious illness - what illness is this?

Is this part of the underlying wish to die?

I was feeling low myself till I read this - now I know that I might be a miserable pr*** sometimes but I guess I'm way away from feeling as bad as others.

I can only hope you take my advice - might be possible to phone and make an appointment through the automated system - try your GP number after midnight - if they have this system you can pick a time and a specific GP.

Feel free to talk to us here though in the meantime.

My regards , best wishes and prayers for your recovery from this horrible illness of depression. It can be done.
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