Forever Gone

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  1. Ummagumma

    Ummagumma New Member

    Forever Gone​

    I used to run and play
    in the meadow by the lake
    i'd never ever hesitate
    I'd know which path to take

    I'd follow dreams of leprechauns
    of rainbows, pots of gold
    I'd believe the magic fairy tale
    my teachers often told

    I thought that if I told the truth
    I would be told no lies
    I thought if i was good and kind
    My friends would never die

    For good or bad I'd show my love
    To everyone I knew
    I thought that if I loved them all
    Then they would love me too

    I thought that life was roses
    And pretty butterflies
    And that every waking moment
    Was a wonderful surprise

    But now I stop and stumble
    And fall where e're I turn
    I never know which path to take
    my cheeks are red and burn

    I'm all alone and tired
    Too tired to go on
    How I long to have the innocence
    That's now and forever gone​
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    so beautiful your poem yet so sad That child is still there hun that innocence it is in the core of who you are I can relate to your word hun they actually bring tears to my eyes hugs toyou
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