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    Here's my problem.

    I started college Aug 27
    I have rarely been to class but not on purpose.
    I have a lot of anxiety and it's hard for me to go to class.
    But I do get my work done whatever I can.

    My parents think i've been going to class everyday.

    The thing is, I've been waiting for this day, the first of October, since August 27 to see a psychiatrist so I can take that information from my doctor to school so they can better serve me academically with my problems.

    However, I don't know what the school will say with my absentism.
    But knowing my conditions, they might let it slide.

    But i've been re-thinking college. I don't know if it's something I really want to do.

    All I want to do is have some money, have an apartment, and start my life. I don't want to have to go to school.

    I have been going through testing at a local work rehab. They will soon provide me a job so I can have an income. I will soon look for a new home because i've noticed I can't live here anymore. Why? My parents aren't supportive of my mental health. They think it's all fake.

    Ever since I was diagnosed 3 years ago, they thought it was just a "phase". And i've had enough.

    So, unless I can get the help I need at school, I am considering withdrawing and moving out. It's sad I feel my parents can't support me enough.
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    Well education is a great tool to have at your side but I understand, I've dropped out of college twice now and don't plan on giving it another try.
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    If you dont' want to have to worry about money when you're older. Check into a 403B plan, you can get it at almost any bank (has to be a bank not credit union) It's compound intrest, it's a secure investment at a fixed rate so try and get the Higest rate you can find. Do more research on 403B's and compound intrest. Get a 403B plan and put at least 10% of all of yoru income into it, and you will not have to worry abotu money when you're older. It's a long term investment, so you don't want to touch it (I'm talkign for atleast over 20 years, the longer the better and the more money you will have) You won't miss the 10% out of each paycheck trust me. You'll make that 90% work.

    btw. nice avitar incognito.
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    O rly? thx :biggrin: