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    everyone here knows how painful and crushing loneliness is..
    and its so frustrating because when you actually do have a good life experience and meet good people
    you leave them. and it physically hurts how much you miss that feeling of connection
    and how everyone moves on with their lives and you're supposed to too
    but i can't, and its so excruciating to think that you won't have those times with the same people
    you'll move on and have times with others but you'll move on from those too

    but i still can't forget about any of it and i want to so badly and i miss everything
    and then when i lapse back into loneliness, its just magnified because i know how not being lonely feels :|
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    It can be a very hard situation - I am very sympathetic and and have some idea where you are coming from. It is the sadness and depression though that cause you to lapse into loneliness and not reach out to people to get new friends. Please try to push through an reach out.

    Take Care