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By definition, if you die they dont really get the oppotunity to forgive you. At least not in person.

Chances are the people you want to forgive you are people you can turn to for help. After all, if you care about their feelings, they probably care about yours.

If you dont want to turn to them, you can always make do with turning to us. There is always someone listening. :console:


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When someone dies there are a lot of things people might want to say and have not said them.

Maybe you ought to say something about how you feel - I mean if you have people there and are keeping your feelings in - then its a communication breakdown whether you have a wife or family or its the folks or maybe living with friends or a lover.

Like the reply says above - which is excellent by the way - for forgiveness it usually needs two people alive because the process of forgiveness is helped when the person wronged can perhaps convey this - and maybe you'll hug or just agree in a manlike manner to forgive and forget - shake on things.

If you kill yourself in someone's home - depending on the relationships people had with you - son, husband, brother and so on - they might never see that house as a home again. I'm trying to think how I'd react - I'd forgive - but not forgive myself!!

THAT is the main thing.

Sure people would forgive you - I know people who killed themselves and forgive them - I know the pain they had - but part of me wishes they never did.

If someone close to me killed themselves I'd blame myself somehow - it would be easy - even a lie would snowball into a truth.

So they forgive you but might never forgive themselves.

Got to say that, painful though it might be.

Hope you can find a way to carry on - open up more about what's making you ask this fairly worrying question. I mean - your thinking of it - rolling ideas around your mind - but what's caused it mate? Something come on all of a sudden or have a few years of the blues added up to no options?

We always have options.

Sad that many men would sooner kill themselves than even admit to depression. That's how we are unfortunately - and we have few people we can tell this to.

Thankfully we have this forum and it does help a lot to share things be it publicly or privately via PMs and buddy chat.


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hi ((hollowvoice)) what's shaking brother?? maybe solution for you is not to die in their house then.. would rather have you around kicking and a goin'.. tc, Jim
I've been thinking the same. My first attempt was in my car away from the house because I didn't want to upset people too much. Sounds stupid when I read that back that that was my thought at the time. Surely my dying couldn't cause greater upset. My main concern was more about who would find me and what state I would be in.

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Well my friend that won't happen right it won't forgiveness won't be felt right away hun there will only be so much pain and sadness even anger at first Please hun call for support now okay you get in and get the help you need hun please stay safe my friend please
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