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  1. Lestat

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    Everything was great and nothing to regret,
    Then it all turns to dust and everyone will forget,
    All the things you have and the people that care,
    Your life is gone and the system is not fair,
    Its not just me there are others like me,
    With a system like this it is easy to see,
    The system is corrupt with the power hungry and mad,
    The people who are meant to protect, ain’t that just sad?

    While you wait around and see what will happen,
    They carry on their lives and you are forgotten,
    You want them to move on but plead that they don’t,
    You want them to stay but you know that they wont,
    Your life has changed and you need to except,
    Your just a victim of the system and just another reject,

    So I sit here and wait for them to get a move on,
    Wait for the verdict and remember the life that is gone,
    Wait and your children grow and you miss all the time,
    Wanting to be around my children in this country is my only crime,
    I miss my children so much and I find it hard to cope,
    To be a Father these days is like walking a tightrope,
    I wish I knew the right thing to do,
    When this is over a lot of people have payback that’s overdue,
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    :hug: Thanks for sharing!
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