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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by damaiste, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. damaiste

    damaiste New Member

    Hi :newhere:

    just thought i let you know a little bout me

    i was not well there last year and still only trying to get back to myself which i am find difficult
    i was diagnosed with something and no one seems to want to talk about it with me, doctors, my boyfriend no one, just forget it

    well it's ok for them to say that but how can i and why would a pdoc diagnose me with an illness if i was to forget about it?

    i got no information except a book to read, so i browsed the internet which wasn't the best thing for me to do as i got upset at alot of things taht was on that.

    o just feeling a little down tonight, just wish i mattered more to people, tired of always saying i'm ok and things are going well, don't think anyone would listen if i did tell them the truth

    if you have read this hope i have not depressed you too much :forgiveme:
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi damaiste you are right hun your doctor should explain more to you what is happening so you understand. You can talk here we won't judge you ask question and people will support you
    I am sorry you are feeling a little down tonight you matter ok we hear you and will try to help hugs
  3. damaiste

    damaiste New Member

    thanks total eclipse

    it's nice of you to say that. really nice for me to hear it.

    i know i won't be judged here, i think my problem is i judge myself, met the pdoc twice and did see the mental health nurse for two weeks before diagnosis, was in hospital for five days, so i know i must have the proper diagnosis but in the back of my mind they did not ask me and sure my memory was so bad back then did not tell them things and forgot other things that i think i have more issues than they think, and would throw light on others

    the pdoc discharged me and said he did not want me in the mental health system and relying on the service, that i have been ok for 40 years and i was just having a glip

    the mh nurse was ok but dont' think she believed some things i said bout things in my past, only said them cause i was so upset, can't really remember what i said but i know it was my childhood as i was been haunted by them, that has made me feel like i can't talk anymore, she said it was all in my head, at the end of that conversation, i don't really remember it all but she said "and tell the truth" as well

    i just feel like crap, will get over though
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  4. LostDoc

    LostDoc Member

    I must say - I think you came to the right place. The folks here have been so awesome, so kind, & SO SINCERE. May God Bless you & in addition, all those that have sent me a note or two. Good Luck- Many people, it seems, are here to help .
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