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Formal Letter to Human Resources about my workplace bulllying

Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by lord.nigel, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. lord.nigel

    lord.nigel Well-Known Member

    Figured since I am victim of bullying and attempting to act on it, the following letter I have sent to our human resources team might help. It shows some of the effects of bullying and my attempts to try and unsuccessfully resolve it.

    The letter is as follows:


    My decision to make this complaint has an issue I have struggled over for many months. The ongoing intolerable impact of the bullying on myself, my family and my work has made me realise, I need to do my absolute best to ensure it is resolved. I know other consultants are experiencing similar problems, but this complaint deals specifically with myself.

    My formal complaint relates to the follow issue:

    professional differences with colleagues, especially where they are ongoing and affect the Employee’s work;

    When I began my employment with this company, I was trained by Kate – the Senior Supervisor. From my very first shift I was quite surprised at Kate’s negative demeanour towards me, despite my maintaining a positive and professional eagerness that comes with starting any new job. During my second shift, she accused me of trying to take her job.

    The unnecessarily negative statements whilst I preformed my usual duties continued. While this upset me and led to many sleepless nights, I thought the bullying would stop if I simply agreed with everything she said and did my job to her liking. I began taking on additional work, so much so that it regularly doubled those of my fellow consultants and agreed to regularly stay back and work weekends, often with little notice – despite it interfering with my own life. Whenever I tried to express my opinion, I could see that she was going to argue with me, so I kept quiet – wanting to remain professional. When the bullying continued, even when I was implementing all of Kate’s suggestions, I realised this could not continue and informed my manager at the time Tanya.

    One specific incident involved my being on a client telephone call to discuss the orders for the following day. Kate had always told me being on the phone to the client was more important than all other calls, so despite her trying to call me, I stayed on the phone.

    As Natalie (a fellow consultant) came over to me, to again tell me Kate needed to chat to me, I quickly told the client I would need to call them back. Upon answering the telephone to Kate, she verbally abused me, refused to listen to my reasons for staying on the phone the call and whether I was questioning her. I understand this telephone conversations is held in archives and can be accessed by yourself if required. Upon identifying the issue to Tanya (Manager at the time), I was assured this would never happen again.

    In Mid-December Kate apologised and informed me she has a low blood sugar level which leads to her aggression. She said we have differing work styles and she apologised for her conduct and has assured me countless times that it would never happen again as she was going to manage it.

    Soon after and during a private conversation, she said if I stayed in my current role, the job would kill me and I needed to get out. While this comment shocked me, as I had always been told that my performance had been fine, however, I promised to get on with my work. However, the realisation was, she was implying I should look for a new job.

    Upon the bullying continuing and my desire to take leave to recompose myself, I was repeatedly told we did not have the staff to cover my shifts. A fortnight later and after being told to ask individual casuals myself whether they would be willing to replace my shifts – I was finally entitled to three days off.

    While the majority of my complaint deals with Kate, the most recent issue deals with Andrew – my direct supervisor. Andrew has unfortunately and regularly chosen to disclose his issues with Kate to me on a regular basis, when he drove me home. He also believed Kate was trying to get rid of him and that he would need to look for a new job. This was not unfounded as Kate said on many occasions “what work does Andrew do exactly”, and if we ever have any concerns regarding Andrews performance, to contact her directly.

    Whilst unprofessional, given they were my supervisors, I did not feel it was my place to comment on the information intrusted in me, despite how negative it was and an additional burden on myself. I feel this most recent negative comment on behalf of Andrew is based on his need to support Kate and his own job, despite the fact I was again following standard procedures.

    The issue concerns Jira (our computer program recording the orders and other issues we are managing at any given time) no – 74624 and I was asked by Kate, why I had not actioned it sooner. Upon explaining my reasons, namely I was the only consultant on shift at the time, followed by a meeting and more urgent Jira issues to manage, Andrew replied asking why I had not asked him for help. I was actioning my Jiras due for Saturday, as our policy is to action more critical issues sooner – before working on those less critical issue due later. I informed Andrew that he had examined my Jiras and chose which one to temporally reallocate. If he had believed Jira 74624 was more serious, he should have assigned them to someone else.

    I do not mind addressing all reasonable suggestions, as it my desire to be the absolute best employee I can possibly be, but I feel this treatment is very unfair. I have not seen any other consultants bullied in this manner and where consultants are following standard practices. This has led to my believe that I am in some way being unfairly targeted, or have entered into a twisted game between Andrew and Kate, in terms of who can hate me more.

    The impact on my life has been terrible. I regularly cry, suffer stress, sleepless nights and no longer interact as much with my family. The ongoing fear of not knowing where the negative comments will come from next has led to me eagerly looking for a new place of employment – to the extent that it now takes up all of my time. I am in constant fear I will lose my job and this has placed an additional burden on myself.

    I trust you will act on the above information with the best of your ability to stop this madness from continuing. While it has upset me, it may just kill a future consultant.
  2. SaraRose

    SaraRose Well-Known Member

    I wish you a lot of luck! I have the same problems- mine coming from fellow nurses and now my boss. So I know how you feel and I just wish you a lot of luck that it will end.

    The part about the low blood sugar made me laugh though cuz one nurse that left now used to tell me her negative attitude was from her allergies. D: I was always telling friends that I should have a 24/7 reason to be horrible then!

    But again I hope this stops for you. To never know where the next comment will come from, or to not know what's going to happen next or how far it will go. I know this all too well and would never wish it on anyone else!
  3. lord.nigel

    lord.nigel Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reply Sara Rose - no one should have to go through this kinda thing. It is inhuman. I'll see if I can find any of your posts, as I ampretty interested in hearing your story.

    Human Resources was a tad bitchy, the guy on the phone was saying that its not important enough to deal with it this week and will do with it next week.

    Dad said that they will try hard to discredit me now (companies have to protect themselves, even when their staff are doing the wrong thing), so i'm contacting a lawyer to take to my meeting next week and discuss it all.

    I'm not expecting to win or anything, but it will buy me time while I look for another job. I've rapidly increased the numbers of applications I am sending out.

    The nice thing is that I have a witness statement, so I will bring that along too.
  4. SaraRose

    SaraRose Well-Known Member

    Ah that's horrible. I hope the lawyer can at least stop them from doing this to you.

    Yeah I was lucky cuz one nurse left, so that was one less to constantly get me. But I've had everything happen to me from people saying I'm not doing my job right all the way to them telling that I did something wrong (that was ALWAYS on my day off).

    It got to the point that I could tell those around me didn't trust me (which isn't good when you're a nurse and there's an emergency). I had tried to tell one boss but he told me "sorry it's not my shift." And the other boss is involved with mental bullying to the point I'm hating work now.

    Sadly the HR person is "good friends" with the boss and everyone else so everyone that's left are tightly together. Erg!
  5. kote

    kote Account Closed

    i had issues at my workplace - although not bullying which i can see as a very painful situation.
    anyway i brought my issues to the right people and they just wanted to sweep it under the carpet.
    then as it esculated it turned ugly and i had a complete breakdown because of it.
    i knew i was in the right and why were they fighting it so much - it just made it so much worse.
    anyway it destroyed all my confidence to an extent where i cant even leave the house now.
    this started 7 years ago and although i moved away from that workplace i still get flash backs when i try to work again and again.
    it just destroyed me to a point of suicidal thoughts and urges constantly.
    im in a different country to my native one so im seen as an outsider and dumb ( far from it ) - but the fight has destroyed my life and that of my family.
    anyway im damaged goods now from that fight. put onto a disability pension. i wish so much to work as i was excellent at my job.
    just please dont paint yourself into a corner. i wish you all the best and that everything gets professionally fixed unlike my case.
    take care and please think of yourself first - workplaces wouldnt worry about getting rid of you so why worry about them.
    dont lose any sleep and feel strong inside.
    please dont break as i did!!!
  6. SaraRose

    SaraRose Well-Known Member

    Your post acually brought tears to my eyes neanderthal. It just reminds me of what's going on right now. Of what everyday is like. And what I know it will continue to be like...
  7. panoply

    panoply Banned Member


    I will personally beat the living soul out of any and every person who makes your life even the least bit miserable.

    You are too nice, too genuine a person to receive this kind of treatment.
  8. snarrylover

    snarrylover Well-Known Member

    Hi there. It's been almost a year since this was posted...I was just wondering if it was resolved?
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