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Forms and decisions


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Hi all I'm having neurosurgery in about three to four months time. I am in New Zealand. It has been recommended to get a Will and Power of Attorneys done. I will also need to get a living will done.
Kinda stressful stuff doing forms.
If anyone knows any links that can help to work out what to put in these forms. Or questions to help me think about what I would like please share. Especially about the living will. Really hard to think about these things when I have no idea what goes in them.
Thank you
Sorry to hear this.

Do you want to say why you'll need the surgery? It's ok not to if you don't want to. It might also be worth getting a second opinion about something as serious as this.

Who advised you to get these? They might be a good source for further information.

If you have significant assets, and there's someone you want to give them to, then the Will is important. If not, it may not be worth worrying too much about.

Power of Attorney is more relevant. They might make decisions about your healthcare if you are not able to make those decisions yourself.


Whenever life plants you, bloom with grace.
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I have Chiari malformation and the surgery is to remove a small piece of bone at the base of my skull. This will create more room as at present the cerebellum tonsils are squeezing through the base and pressing on my spinal cord. It is hoped that by doing this it will stop for progression and ease some of my symptoms.
Thank you for responding
If I have the surgery isn't up for debate but I can understand your reasoning behind asking.
The living will is more what I'm trying to understand.
Only 4:30am here when I'm more awake I'll try explain more.

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