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  1. Never publicly shared anything I've written. But since this site has a poetry forum, I figured, why not?

    by Me
    12-11-09 & 12-24-09

    Bones crushed into mortar
    Forming bricks to build the wall
    Masons rob the dying
    Until it stands a mile tall

    The brickworks churns out product
    The distant useless mourn and pray
    While heart and mind and stomach
    And the flesh are thrown away

    Though the skeleton is taken
    By the force of iron will
    The afflicted continue crawling
    Until mercy makes them still

    They inch slowly forward
    Along the endless solid sprawl
    But strength can't lift them over
    When it stands a mile tall

    Isolated human wreckage
    Scraps of skin litter the ground
    Though they lie next to each other
    None can make a sound

    Turned to ashes without burning
    Caught long before the chase
    Left speechless before silenced
    Are the living heaps of waste

    The invertebrate bodies
    Flat and strung up to the past
    With their spines removed from them
    Hoisted as sails upon a mast

    In the sea and sinking under
    Near a lighthouse to be found
    The rescuers near and ready
    But none can make a sound

    On the floor of a churning ocean
    Upturned in trenches they settle on
    The currents that could right them
    Have come and now are gone

    Silent, still and hollow
    A submerged and gutted shell
    Trapped far beneath the waves
    Cold but close to hell

    No life exists to witness
    Their blank and empty stares
    Dreaming dreams that sing a ballad
    While reality only swears

    They are children of the tempest
    And the shipwreck that it spawned
    Still the raging storm remains
    The ship has sailed and gone

    On the surface flows a river
    Of wine that breeds a pall
    Dismays eyes that fall upon it
    As shocking as the squall

    A torrent disgorging sickness
    That runs and stains the sand
    Flowing outward from the brickworks
    That dominates the land

    The rapids soak the masons
    Who manufacture all the dead
    Drowning the afflicted
    Running deep and red

    It leaves distant mourners breathless
    As shocking as the squall
    Stopped only by the fortress
    That stands a mile tall
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.