Forum Changes to reduce spam and troll issues

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    We have made a change to the forum memberships to try to reduce the amount of spam posts and troll messages and make the forum safer and more user friendly the the thousands of members that use this site for support.

    When members register they will be in a user group registered user- like has always been the case. The permissions for this user group have been changed however. Now new members will have limited privileges until they have made 5 posts (gameroom posts and diary posts are not counted in post counts) and until they have 5 posts and been a member for 2 days members will not be able to -

    1. Post links in threads/replies/profile posts
    2. Make a signature line
    3. Limited number of private conversations per day and limited number of members messaged
    4. Upload attachments on posts or private conversations
    5. Edit their own posts

    The requirements to remove all these restrictions are very low and will not effect anybody that is just reading posts for support nor are they meant to force anybody to post- just to make it more difficult for people that join and post just for the purpose of spamming or trolling.

    If there are any problems with your permissions please make a thread in "ask the staff" or "letters to admin" - hopefully this change does not cause problems but like any change to software there may be unexpected issues.

    Thank you to all for helping making SF such a great support site!
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    Good idea.