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    As many have heard, we have completed out move to the new server and hosting following a long week with several site crashes, the last one which caused a large number of the functions here to be turned off temporarily and requiring a massive amount of troubleshooting and and errors that are still in the process of being resolved one at a time. There is a comprehensive list of what issues are in the process of being resolved here in the trouble shooting forum .

    There are still approximately 5% of members that cannot get onto the site on a PC. Mobile service seems to be working for all at this point, but we are still relying on members to notify us of any issues in the trouble shooting threads so we can get them attended to. On the good news side of things, the new hosting support has been awesome and response times to tickets that are actual server issues is incredibly fast. Along with the far greater speed and memory on our new processor, once we get the left over issues resolved I am very confident that the improved speed and performance of our new hosting will prove well worth the investment.

    I would strongly encourage all members that use Facebook to "like" our Facebook page. Whenever there is a forum issue or outage we will try to post updates there so you can be kept in the loop on the status of issues and expected resolution times if the site is down for repairs for any reason, or if you cannot access the site for any reason. Feel free to message us there as well if you have any problems. We will respond to both the private FaceBook messages or to posts on the wall there.

    Click Here
    SF Official Facebook Page
  2. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I liked the Facebook page. Thank you for linking that here and keeping us updated on the site. It comforts me that there is another way to keep in touch if the site has technical issues.
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    Thanks @Witty_Sarcasm , I hope that as people find it it will give another venue we can contact members when needed or place to get a little extra support when using the forum isn't convenient or possible.

    Also, If any members have quotes they like or in the or signature line and can match that up to an non- copy-written photo we would love to share those on our facebook page- things like this - but whatever you like- (more examples on the SF Page )

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  4. Moat

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    How about this one:

    "Live for yourself.
    Love for yourself."
  5. JmpMster

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    Put it on a non copyright photo.... :)
  6. Moat

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    Will, do as soon as I can find one that I feel would be appropriate for SF.

    Also, another I was thinking of, but not quite sure if it would really work well for a poster-thingy.

    SF - We are not just random strangers forming a community of like-minded people, but we all are family and we love and cherish and nurture all.

    What do you think, maybe a nature-themed photo, maybe a vast green plain interspersed with creeks/rivers, occasional lake or something more akin to a forest-like photo (for both of these)?
  7. JmpMster

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    Nature themed would certainly work, but to be honest, since I am color blind (literally) and artistically challenged at the least - I would take your own judgement of that of 90% of the rest of the world over mine :)
  8. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    0h, sorry, i did not know that about you, terribly sorry, Ben.

    I just figured if there a poster of a collection of photos up on FB about promotoing SF, then some calming images of nature could hep a lot of people to feel a little as ease .
  9. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    The city-scape you posted above has an air of congestion and suffocation ( at least that is way I view it as being, and filled with anxiety andt sress, which is why I proposed a nature-themed picture theme instesd).
  10. JmpMster

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    You are welcome to make on any theme you think looks appropriate that is a non copyright photo.
  11. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    I have quite a few nature-related photos I have taken over years in my Photo bucket account - when I get the chance next, I will log in there and browse through them, to se which ones might be best to use.. :)
    I was thinking of some images I have taken during my walks across the state of mountains (specifically the Great Diving range, but I am not much a fan of them, but f I can find those pictures - ben a number of years since I even accessed photo bucket, I will send you a few and see what your thought s are on them - all photos, actually).
  12. DrownedFishOnFire

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    Just amazed at the easier to use features. Thank you!
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