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found my happy place

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everyone has been telling me that i needed to find one thing that makes me happy to help me feel better. I had the horses and even tho i love them it didnt always help. So I have decided to try and learn the guitar. its something ive always wanted to do. And best of all it makes me happy :yay:


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Good luck learning it! Very cool instrument, very cool! My dad plays the guitar, and I envy how people can play tunes and jam on their guitar! Rock on!! :)


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yay thats a great choice you made! i find it very rewarding and it helps me to express things i cant put in words sometimes. i hope you will love it just as much :smile:


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I play myself - nothing like a guitar really.

So what kind did you get - acoustic? or are you a rock and roller? Electric guitar?

Best to learn on acoustic first - see if you like it. Do stick at it - took me two years to tune a guitar because I'm left handed and had to just use a right handed and play it the other way around.

All you need to know is 3 chords and you know 10,0000 songs!

Plus if you write - just three chords is enough, even for a hit! Happens all the time and woman are obviously more accepted now, whereas in the old days few woman played guitar really. Still like 20 lads to every girl playing guitar out there - but do not worry - musicians are VERY cool people - very accepting. I've never met a female musician who did not become cooler for being a singer or guitarist - or maybe both?

Do you sing? Don't be shy now - don't keep talent locked up - we'll get you on a stage yet!

Keep practising - and find your own key if you sing. I'm a man and I suppose sing in a lower key - I like to sing in certain keys which match my voice. You might have a better range than me - so like if we done a duet, you'd be singing with a drunk/smashed, white man tying to sing the blues!

One good song that is a duet is Henry Lee - a song in which some woman - sort of in love with a man - meets him - and promptly stabs him to death.

Hell - every song I have seems to be about some bizarre murder!

I wonder why?

Oh yes, I feel like dying sometimes - that's it. The connection. But listening to the songs of murder and love gone wrong, psychopaths murdering half the town and pretty woman foaming at the mouth - it lightens the mood. Its entertainment of course - but also good as you can sing about your own darkness - hide behind the stories - reveal a little bit about yourself - but obviously nobody knows!

Good luck.

I expect you to learn the Major A B C D E and F and G chords in a month easily.

Then we will do minors.

Chords first - but keep messing about - just enjoy it but remember that before you really enjoy it and other people enjoy it - you got to have discipline. Many give up after seeing they cannot play every song by the Killers in 3 days. You need patience - you will think you are 'no good' - but forget that - keep learning, you will be good.

Buy a guitar tuner also. Many give up because they cannot tune a guitar.

when your guitar is tuned - you will be able to put CDs on play along to some - gradually you will be able to play along - roughly at first.

you know Johnny Cash? He actually never played - he 'dampened' his guitar (you put your hand over the strings so you just hear like a kind of drum noise) and just beat a rhythm and let his guitarist do the real slick work.

Rhythm is important. It does come the more you play and listen to music.

Good luck!
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I’m using my uncle’s acoustic. It’s 40 years old and still sounds great. Eventually I may try an electric guitar cuz I really wanna play the music from my favorite band: Within Temptation. Every chance I get I play with it trying to learn. My other uncle plays so he’ll probably teach me some too. I sing but only to myself, I totally stink. Plus I get nervous when people watch me sing, I’d be happier playing than singing. lol I bet your not that bad. I’m not that good, I haven’t sung for anyone since I was 9 or 10. I also have a lot of songs about murder, depression, death. It’s weird but good. My favorite band: Within Temptation always can lighten my mood, saying what I can’t. Especially their songs murder and A demon’s fate.
I was discouraged at first, but this is something I have always wanted to do, so im not giving up yet. It makes me happy and that’s what I need in my life, need all the happiness I can get. My uncle has a guitar tuner so when he visits in a couple of weeks he’ll bring it and show me how to use it Really? It sounds like he’s playing, I didn’t know that. Kinda cheating huh…


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Hi Broken_Child,

Wow! Your last update.. Sounds exciting and fresh! :hugtackles:

I'm sure your uncles have lots of tricks up their sleeves to teach you. :D

Best wishes,

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