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Found my trigger

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And it sucks. It seems that just by talking to my mom things get fuzzy and mentally toxic. I had a conversation with her a few minutes before my 7 o clock class, and spent 40 minutes of said class crying in my seat, thinking how worthless I am. I eventually left because it was getting worst and just sat outside crying it out. Im just getting home, I feel like crap and feel severely emotionally drained. Constantly being told to change without the lest bit of advice as to how doesnt make me feel better, it makes me feel like shit because for some reason I cant and Im sick of it.


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Parents can also trigger me. :( :hug: Hope you feel better. And know you don't have to always be around ur parents. I started getting a lot better after I finally was able to live on my own.. Anyway, not sure your situation totally, but I hope you feel better soon. :hug:

I got a one-line e-mail from my grandfather and just spent almost 3 hours crying and trying to avoid a panic attack. My entire family is a trigger.

I hope you feel better soon... and you find a healthy way to deal. I'm getting to the point where I might just completely separate myself from my family. No contact at all.


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my family (especially my parents) are definitely my trigger...even when everything is calm and everyone is being friendly, spending a day with them reverses about 5 weeks of progress from therapy...

but as everyone else says, it gets a little better when you move out...it doesn't resolve, but it gets better...when i was young, too young to live on my own (legally, at least), i would go on trips to visit relatives REALLY FAR AWAY (i.e. other side of country/world) through my breaks from school...literally for a month or more, sometimes...when i would come back, i was always much much MUCH better...this would last at least a year (maybe 2 if i was lucky)...this is the reason i didn't kill myself before graduating high school...
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