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    Found something that sets me off... Pisses me off really, playing an instrument freaking pisses me off!! Im not sure why, but it just does, I just want to snap it in half and throw it. The only reason I found this out cause I grabbed up a guitar and started to play with it a bit, n then I got frustrated out of nowhere and wanted to smash it.
    Now I used to plays the flute, used to is key term in that sentence n that doesn't piss me off...
    Maybe I just hate string instruments, how people pluck at the cords or run a bow over it, the hell if I know... It just pisses me off.. It's not like I can't listen to the music that has a guitar, it's just I can't be in the same room if someones playing one cause I'll want to snap it in half!!
    Maybe I've finally gone completely crazy...
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    That is a very strong reaction. Do you have any bad associations with stringed instruments - maybe feelings are being triggered and you just haven't made the connection yet. If you have a counselor/therapist, it might be a topic to discuss some time.
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    Um not that I'm aware of, and no, no therapist no nothing...