France is the best place to live says study

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    Britain has dropped to 25th place on a list of the best places in the world to live - behind countries such as the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Uruguay.

    While France tops the poll for the fifth year running, the UK's climate, crime rate, cost of living, congested roads and overcrowded cities have pushed it even further down from last year's ranking at 20.

    The Quality of Life Index, published by International Living magazine for the 30th year, says the French live life to the full, while Britons are over-worked.

    In all, 194 countries are surveyed on nine criteria, including the cost of living, culture and leisure, environment, safety, culture and weather.

    Australia is placed second after France, followed by Switzerland, Germany and New Zealand.

    Even former communist countries where unemployment is still rife are considered better places to settle down in than Britain, with Lithuania and the Czech Republic coming in at 22nd and 24th place respectively.

    Cars near high-rise flats in Vilnius, Lithuania: The Baltic state came in three places above Britain in the list

    Ice skaters trek around the frozen Lake Nasijarvi in Tampere, southern Finland: The Scandinavian country came 18th in the list of best places in the world

    Variety is also seen as a major factor in France's appeal, with the survey noting: 'Romantic Paris offers the best of everything, but services don't fall away in Alsace's wine villages, in wild and lovely Corsica, in lavender-scented Provence. Or in the Languedoc of the troubadors, bathed in Mediterranean sunlight.'

    Britain does not top a single category in the survey, which is compiled using official government statistics, data from the World Health Organisation and the views of the magazine's editors around the globe.

    The U.S. fell from third to seventh place because of the economic crisis last year. A magazine spokesman said: 'Sustaining the American Dream has escalated out of the reach of many.'

    Germany is widely praised for its efficiency and leisure facilities, with the magazine noting that 'the Harz Mountains now has a specialist hiking trail for nudists. Germany is arguably the world's most naturist-friendly country'.
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    'tis all relative ... For example, I'm off to Germany in September for the best part of a year, which I'm really looking forward to, but if I, for some reason, don't like it (which I highly doubt will be the case, but who knows), then I may come to love living in the UK ... I think a lot of it is the perhaps stereotypical 'doing ourselves down' attitude of the British?
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    I know two guys from Lithuania and the Czech Republic who'd love to know this :dry: So keep it quiet :tongue:

    But yeah I think I'd like to leave the UK for a while at some point, try living in a less expensive country :p especially with 20% tax on £0-£37,400 income and 40% above that... Then we pay 17.5% tax on what we buy >.<
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    Hmmm, I have always wanted to live in Australia (okay, so France is the best, but... fuck France.)
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    I don't want to live in Sweden... I thought, like everyone else here, that it was the best country in the world until I left for the US. Now my greatest wish is to move back there... For example, my father pays 50% tax.
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