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Freaked out

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So last night after I got off the computer I did pop alot of pills, I will not say the amount b/c I dont want people worried, than Josh called me...adn the the first words eh said to me scared teh shit out of me and I threw alot of them up. He told me he loved me with all his heart and I meant the world to him. I realized though I'm not okay and I'm incredibly depressed he does love me and he does want me to be okay...and that alone makes me realize that maybe I can hang on a little longer even if it is only for awhile. I love him so much, I want to be with him, and when I get there I'll prove that.

Sorry wasnt sure where this went..so it's here
It sounds like u have an amazing boyfriend...to me that in itself is a perfect reason to live. U have someone who will b by ur side through everything and who loves u with all his heart. Dont take it for granted, make the most of it!
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