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  1. My boyfriend and I just had an he's run off somewhere in a temper, which I'm kind of scared about as well (he's threatened suicide before). But basically, it all started when he kicked the cat for a joke, and I got mad at him (kind of jokingly as well) and then I hit him, but sort of messing around, like I hit him a few times on the back and stomach, but in my mind it wasn't serious at all. But suddenly he just snapped, and mumbled something about his father, grabbed my arms and started twisting them, and saying, 'don't ever hit me again, that's my father's job' (his father is abusive). And he kept repeating that, staring kind of past me, without eye contact, in a trance, and I was shocked, I just said, 'I'll hit you if I want to.' I don't know why I said that, as I don't want to hit him. I don't know what to think tbh :unsure: Opinions?
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    He needs some serious conselling hun. He has a lot of anger issues that he needs to get control of. How can kicking any animal or person be done as a joke. I think it is best that he left to blow off steam. Because had he stayed, you could of been in a great deal more trouble than you found. And I dont want to hurt you but what you said "I'll hit you if I want'??? If you know he is in an abusive situation why would you say such a thing? I think that you might need a little counselling yourself. Maybe you could both attend a support group for people in abusive situations. If you really care about one another, what better way to show it to each other. You will both get some help and be able to suport one another with better understandings of what you are each dealing with. Good luck.
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    it sounds like PTSD..and itmahanh is right,he needs psychological help,and you to support him in getting this help.You have to convince him he deserves to get help..and that YOU deserve to feel safe.itmahanh is right about getting counseling together too.
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    I agree with the OP'S.. You both need counseling.. I have a neice who hits her boyfriends all the time..She says she is only playing.. Well her boyfriends don't stick around long..Get the counseling and keep posting here so we can offer support..
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